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Male of the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens

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My real name is Adam Jones and I am an atheist.

I do not believe in any god(s). There are many reasons why I don't believe in gods but the biggest reason is that I have never seen any evidence that they exist. I have looked for years and can't find anything that would prove their existence. If there were any proof at all, I'm sure we'd know about it.

The entire paragraph above was autogenerated by an AI algorithm - based purely on the input 'Atheist Adam'. Those two words were enough to generate a paragraph that appears to make sense. What is more impressive is that I ran it trough a plagerism checker to make sure that it was unique content that would therefore rank well on Google. It came up as totally clear - which means that it is good content for the Google algorithm.

The interesting thing, though, is that I the following sentence that I wrote myself turned out to be considered plagerised, and is therefore considered to be duplicate content which is penalised by the Google algorithm and therefore reduces the ranking of this site. However, I wrote it on my site first - but made the mistake of copying it to my Reddit profile. The Google algorithm listed the Reddit content first - thereby making any other use of the same content 'dupicate content' and penalised - ensuring that this site doesn't show up for my target keywords, 'Atheist Adam'.

I am always experimenting with ideas. Where it be on social media networds, apps, automation, etc.

Here was the initial introduction before I had to change it - in order to get more traffic to this website...

"I am an Australian-based science guy, militant atheist, online marketer, political activist, vagabond & digital nomad."

I think that would have been a better introduction than to jump right in and basically define what it is to be an atheist.

Feeding algorithms, that's all it is. Giving them what they want so that they can give people what people want - traffic and attention, and sometimes an income.

That being said... I am waffling... so I will stop typing and leave whatever content is below to entertain you now...

I have an interest in a range of topics, including rationality, religion, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, cognitive enhancement, climate change & environmentalism, progressive politics, artificial intelligence & futurism.

I wrote that but here now is some more content that is a mixture of AI generated content and stuff I am making up now:

My name is Adam Jones. I was born in Melbourne, Austarlia. I am an Australian citizen. I am a vagabond and move around more than most people. I currently live in Queensland, Australia. I am a white male. My ethnicity is Caucasian. My skin color is fair.

Why an AI content generating algorithm would generate the last three sentences probably says more about our species than it does about the current state of AI. For the record, I hate racism - apparently more than current AI, which is a concern.

I teach online marketing to atheists & progressive activists — to increase their online influence & improve their online activism.




  • I am a passionate advocate for militant atheist
  • I am fascinated by religion because of its impact on human affairs


  • Bachelor of Science degree from Monash University in Victoria, Australia
  • Majored in genetics, evolution, ecology & molecular biology
  • My interest in genes evolved into an interest in memes


  • Capitalism requires economic growth
  • we can't have infinite consumption & infinite population growth on a finite planet. Nature has paid the price
  • Mars is not the answer. The Earth must be our first priority
  • A better world is possible but first we must save ourselves.


  • Anarcho-syndicalist & libertarian socialist

    Globalization is not a rising tide that lifts all boats. The once proud & prosperous working class have been abandoned, so that corporations can continue boosting their quarterly profits. The middle class has been able to maintain a filmy illusion of wealth because of their access to cheap consumer goods. The illusion is quickly being shattered & Inflation has just began


  • The decline & disappearance of biological diversity must stop
  • By destroying the life-support systems of our planet we are welcoming the extinction of our species
  • Homo sapiens sapiens should know better
  • We cannot continue to pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well
  • The pervasive pursuit of money is the great, tragic human flaw.
  • No amount of money will save us
  • Systemic change is required. Change is inevitable!

My real name is Adam Jones & 'Atheist Adam' is my personal brand.

I am a 43-years old (born July 1, 1978). I am an Australian-based global citizen.

I post funny memes on Facebook & Instagram

Many of my posts focus on religion & politics, including the growing disparity between the rich and poor, the need for global systemic change, and the urgent need for serious action on climate change.

Mockery works!