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Peter Joseph Founded The Zeitgeist Movement
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The opportunity to sit down with Peter Joseph is a unique chance to capture a moment in time with one of the great thinkers of our generation. His first breakthrough film “Zeitgeist: The Movie” in 2007 was an unexpected success and he founded The Zeitgeist Movement on the back of his 2nd film “Zeitgeist: Addendum.” Peter proceeded to release two additional films and produced a satirical Web series called Culture in Decline.

Engineering a leaderless movement is a conundrum itself, which is why Peter rarely does interviews and instead prefers to let the movement ideals speak for themselves. In order to understand all of the tenets of The Zeitgeist Movement I recommend reading the TZM Defined Book available here www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/orientation.

What’s next for Peter? He has been busy working on a live-action genre with his InterReflections Trilogy expected in the next few years. After producing works of documentary and satire, we can expect a new angle. As Peter says, “The beauty of art is that it sneaks behind your ego.”

TZM Defined Book:

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  • vixdrummer

    ..you can't bridge man, if you wan't to change you have to do it from the ground up… I understand the Ego thing, but that's only a color!!

  • Gerry Arriaga

    2 GREAT movements WILL change in2 a GREAT future; GLUE the 2 PIECES back 2GETHER…

  • MsScruffy4


  • BolasDaGrk

    Fuck the ego's and ignore the break up.

    Focus on two brilliant people with brilliant idea's and motives to bring about a successful
    Earth-resource system. Instead we continue to project the disagreements of ideas that are insanely brilliant in comparison to our current monetary system. "School
    children" of our future will look back and pitty the primal actions we took to pretend to be civilized.

  • airforcemax


  • 4M

    We forgive Fresco, we love Peter and Fresco both, both movements. Come on folks, lets work together!

  • chuenbaka3

    What propaganda!

  • NeonPrism BURST

    Joseph clearly butt hurt by evolution

  • Elyor Nazarov

    Who is this guy.how he can compare himself with jaque

  • S. Geo.

    Joseph is really stupid. Does not understand energy accounting and calls it 'energy credits'. Miss's the point of Technocracy.

  • MadMax052

    I see what you're saying Joe. We need to kill all the kids who are taking up everyone's time they could be using to learn about the social movement!

  • Perry Stuart

    Jacques was just butthurt that Peter and TZM were getting all this attention, when he had been saying the same thing for decades. Im not saying he shouldnt be butthurt, but to let those emotions make a decision like that is silly. Isnt the important thing that we get to the goal, NOT WHO HAD THE IDEA TO START OUT FOR THE GOAL? Fking crybaby honestly.

  • Sid Kaskey

    The split was unfortunate. Watching it from afar it appeared that Zeitgeist Movement was promoting TVP well.

  • svtwrc

    The tech aspect is easy to understand. Imagine what the thousands of automotive engineers can accomplish if they turned their efforts to world hunger or medicine . We have the tech to do good but the monetary system holds us back from doing the right thing .

  • Donavon Cash

    Self proclaimed phenomenon, haha, and evidence based reasoning. In Zeitgeist he made so much sh@t up and made so many false declarations it's not even funny.

  • Myuniverse

    i thought this guy was white!?

  • TrustYourGut

    Is it true that Jacques Fresco received more than 150 000 dollars in donation for his movie, to hire a script writer that him and Roxanne ended up firing?

  • thesignsoflife7

    The Master called.
    He wants his evil goatee from 1981 back.