Zeitgeist: The Movie – by Peter Joseph

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  • John Ong
  • Gene Fowler

    Damn good movie, and we wonder why everybody hates us.

  • One J Reaper

    THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL GET MISTAKEN PEOPLE. horus and all those other characters are nothing but simulations of the real thing. Christ preached a kingdom inside….did these? everyone lived still by the system on the outside. God said now we have to live on the kingdom inside of us. every age someone has to stand up. one for the outside kingdom and one for the inside kingdom…they will both be on the same simulation…..but one will be real and the other will be fake. one will get Christ like remarks and similar things happening, but it wont be the same. its the currupted version. Christ on the other hand is the real versoin preaching how to live beyond money and power and shows how to overcome this system of greed and power by overcoming yourself. now eat Christ and get him in you…..dont let the ignorant destroy what is true. otherwise you wont learn how to live forever.

  • mrmissoes

    This video should have 100s of millions of views so far it's frustrating it's reached only over 1,5 million views as of today.And I'm also amazed that Bush Jr and his accomplices haven't been jailed for domestic terrorism and war crimes.

  • Mark DeWald

    I watch this every September eleventh to remind myself of what really occurred on that day, and how opprobrious and vile the true villains of this world are. It reminds me that I must teach my children the practice of critical thinking and the ability to see through the lies shoveled into the average American mind on behalf of the military industrial complex, and all the terrified powers behind it. It must really suck to be so afraid that the truth might come out that you are willing to murder mass numbers of ordinary people, and spend so much money and effort hiding it.

  • Meticulous Production [Henry Turner-Ward]

    Who else is watching this pre 15th anniversary of 9/11?

  • thebullybuffalo

    The only people who say this is well researched are the people who've done no research themselves and are uneducated in the areas that this amateur cites sources from.

    It couldn't have been said better than this

    "The film is an interesting object lesson on how conspiracy theories get to be so popular…. It's a driven, if uneven, piece of propaganda, a marvel of tight editing and fuzzy thinking. Its on-camera sources are mostly conspiracy theorists, co-mingled with selective eyewitness accounts, drawn from archival footage and often taken out of context. It derides the media as a pawn of the International Bankers, but produces media reports for credibility when convenient. The film ignores expert opinion, except the handful of experts who agree with it. And yet, it's compelling. It shamelessly ploughs forward, connecting dots with an earnest certainty that makes you want to give it an A for effort"

  • Anonymous Dawg

    What does everyone apart of the zeitgeist movement recommend we do about this shittier than average upcoming election? I, as well as everyone else who has the common sense to be a Bernie sanders supporter are now being pressured to vote for Hillary, even though Hillary is just as bad as trump in her own corrupt way. I'm sure our votes don't even fucking count, I was planning on voting for myself but everyone says "if you do that you're essentially voting for trump"??? I want a Fucking revolution if anyone would like to join. I'm sick of this bullshit

  • Nancie Tharp

    This is on the THE most eye opening doc I have ever seen… and I saw it back in 2007 when it first came out. Have been passing it on to younger peeps, who I think might be open to the message, every chance I get.

  • Nancie Tharp

    take the time to watch the whole thing!

  • Joseph lavelle



    1:13:56 Man…

  • patrick fawcett


  • Kathleen Herriott

    So Joseph, what is your interpretation since our orbit is getting longer and that now we have a 13th constellation (the Serpent) exposed in our Orbit. Any ideas what that age will be like? The longer our orbit gets, the ice age will return. please message me @ www.facebook.com/KandidKate

  • Levi456

    Pakistan intelligence service is ISI? hmmmm, how similar to ISIS …..

  • marc