Zeitgeist Movement and Esoteric Truth Revealed with Peter Joseph

The Zeitgeist Movement’s Peter Joseph shares the truth about economics, society, and the social orders implemented to undermine the true value of life on Earth, in this uncensored interview on Buzzsaw. How globalization, exploitation, and social philosophy are manipulated to perpetuate a ruling class, and the programming done to make mankind forget what is truly necessary in life is all revealed in this discussion hosted by Sean Stone.

Peter Joseph is the filmmaker behind the Zeitgeist film series, and the Zeitgeist Movement.

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00:01 Welcoming Peter Joseph to Buzzsaw.
00:33 The nature of Zeitgeist, and Peter Joseph’s evolution towards catharsis.
07:00 Deconstructing the tangled roots of society to find reality.
11:14 Hidden knowledge revealed in the new Alexandria, and the true heart of society.
18:00 The corporate hierarchy of public schools, and zero-sum society.
22:25 Globalization and the expansion of a cancerous structural ethic–Malthusian theory.
28:40 More and more with less and less–philosophical reality in opposition to economic practices.
33:40 Roots of poverty and crime, and the future resource wars.
36:50 Zeitgeist movement actions, and the capitalist distinction.
42:37 Ideas and ownership.
43:!2 Following the Zeitgeist Movement online.
44:02 Thanks and goodbye.
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  • Robert Bones

    so what's going on with peter and tzm now? seemed to all have died down a lot now

  • Andreas Christian-Murray

    Thank you both. The elephant in the room is that we really have to get out of this ancient wheel of oppression on all levels. We need a totally new system to get out from under.

  • James Blake

    My God the Host is doing more talking then Peter, dude shut up I don't want to hear what some random hipster has to say.

  • Red Thread

    Is this just going to be a retailing of everything we know? Where is the new content, where is culture in decline season 2, where is the new trilogy of films that was supposed to come out in late 2015? It would be very unfortunate if Peter spends the rest of the his energy and talent going over the same things we've known for years now.

  • Sally Anne

    Syncretism is another word of our times…check it out…also check out Santos Bonacci, John Anthony West, Victor Shauberger, Walter Russell.

  • M. Gilley

    Karl Marx was the Jesus Christ of economists.

    EDIT: WOW, Peter really impressed me. He knew it was a gift based, collaborative economy and NOT a barter economy before agriculture.

  • Chris Ulmer

    When I first saw Sean Stone on "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura, I thought he was just a little pretty boy who was sponging off his fathers fame and didn't really care about these things. Since then I've grown to have a lot of respect for him and now I have even far more respect for him for having this interview with Peter Joseph.

  • Christina Fiers

    Welcome back Sean! Free thinkers need free thought.

  • deep tech

    fool, full of drivel

  • assimonem

    Zeitgeist means The Spirit of the Age

  • coast motor

    His "solutions":
    1. End commerce a free trade it's evil and corruptible. Anything you do or create should not have worth based on demand, but rather set quota by government/common good. But you'd better be more efficient than a machine!
    2. Automate and eliminate the need for workers/jobs, i.e. put most people out of work and on welfare.
    3. End personal property and all personal property rights — you own nothing, everything belongs to government/common good.
    4. End all intellectual property rights — any ideas of your own immediately belong to government/common good, discouraging new ideas by removing monetary reward to bring it to fruition.
    Oh, let's not forget what's implied by "post scarcity economy," i.e massive population reduction! Sean, I think he wins a one-way ticket to Venezuela or N Korea where he could see his communist wet dream materialized. All you would have had to ask is how his ideas would be enforced on society for his nightmare to be properly envisioned.

  • Perma ville

    great interview !!

  • Matt Stone

    Wow. Someone who can actually effectively interview and host a discussion with Peter Joseph. First time ever.

  • taylorwhyte2187

    Is it back to weekly?

  • Get rid Of Money

    Bit boring and waffling on a lot..