Worst of Fox News Attacking Russell Brand

Russell Brand – The Trews
Greg Gutfeld Sean Hannity – Fox News

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  • Terry Zammit

    A bunch of bullies at Fox News trying to beat up what's good in this world! They have no concept of their own ignorance!

  • donteatthechalk

    This is considered a news programme in America? That is insane. No wonder the country's residents are idiots.

  • Splendid Mendax

    Russell came from where Fox news personalities are going.

  • Krastt Kaypole

    Fox is evil

  • yeboyesful

    Fox airheads should change their anemas…this is pathetic

  • Simon Caldwell

    brand brings joy to my mornings and the idiots at fox just help him he'he

  • Simon Caldwell

    don't let the idiots get u down russ! it makes really good comedy

  • Jonny Cwell

    those "journalists" are so fucking annoying… they just shout into the camera xD

  • shredded_181

    haha his mouth look like an arse

  • h s (hballs)

    russell is the smartest among the celebrities.
    obviously fox news employ the most brainamputated turds that america has to offer

  • Sensation Of Peace

    thanks to God for giving this man a voice many has lost

  • King Z

    Ooh Russel… Thank you sexy for co-creating. Much love to you from here.

  • Wyatt McQueen

    fuck fox news..

  • Eulalia L. Silva

    Go on Russell. You have no Idea how many people you are helping and how far your speech is reaching. Please don't stop. We need a Revolution. The world needs more people like you ! You keep my faith in humanity a little bit alive .

  • anthony gambacorta

    how about best of fox news attacking russell brand