World War III – The New Axis of Evil

The alliances and proxies of the Syrian Front explained. World War III – The New Axis of Evil
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  • Kelvin Wilson

    Excellent presentation and well researched.

  • Spongebob Squarepants

    with this amount of 'TRUTH' on this channel I hope you remain safe from 'the agency'!

  • gnpd07

    This is a very biased account of world politics. And by the way, if you believe that 9/11 was a hoax pulled of by the Bush Administration, you should be required to post your opinions as science fiction.

    I can't believe how impressionable people are. But they seem to be blindly following Trump and Clinton so there you go.

  • Yang Xiong

    In Hillary Clinton's emails she says she wants a Sunni Shia war.

  • alchemist

    Only one exit for Humanity. Take 1 brave scientist .. Bring real free energy to world. All problem solve over night I guarantee…Where are you ? We are a waiting for you long time. Come and finish this darkness.. Where are you!!!!

  • atklm1

    This is typical mix of lies and half-truths. Assad is a ruthless dictator and a war criminal. Just like Putin. Syria and Russia are not "gaining power" nor "getting stronger", they are two turds, wrecked up countries whose economy is going down the toilet. Russia is smaller economy than Italy. Military budget just a little bit over Britain. Syria is 3rd world and their people rise up, because of poverty it was going 4th world. Russia's acts are both in Syria and in Ukraine has been condemned in UN by practically the entire world.

  • Nobby Barnes

    bah blah blah…none of your arguments make the syrian dictator any less of a bad guy than those who are fighting him….the rest of your videos are all pro putin inspired anti western liberal democracy propaganda meant to demoralize those in the west.

  • Gentle Brother

    I would love to hear your commentary on how the situation is deteriorating since you uploaded this video.

  • JosephDD

    He is still alive, this is his facebook

  • Dennis Geoffroy

    can you do an Iran Deal what we're not being told video?

  • Reanu Keeves

    Hate to see this channel become dead

  • Zachariah FK

    Damn homie Aaron hope you good man, I remember you saying you were living in the jungle and it wasn't going so well. But stay safe man and come back and drop some knowledge.

  • Otto Green

    Dude, did you die? You just fell off the face of the earth. Your channel would be booming right about now.

  • Nathan Neiman

    The American government is criminal.


    The world needs your wisdom now more than ever! Here's hoping you make a comeback sometime soon….

  • Ali Alwaely

    make new videos!

  • D Martin

    are you the journalist from the documentary Dirty Wars?

  • SunbunBrownEars

    damn SCG we need you during this times. Can you at least give us any hint to anything?

  • Alonzo Fisher

    Storm Clouds where you at?!