Woke Up This Morning – Full Album – Deek Jackson

Woke Up This Morning  - Full Album - Deek Jackson

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  • empanadilla de pamplinas

    mucho amor!

  • Hercules Rockefeller

    How does this not have millions of views?
    As soon as I get paid from my masters, I'm going to buy the air and charge everyone to breathe, but before I do that, I'm going to purchase these albums.

  • Mark Dennis

    G'day mate. Maybe too late to put in this album, no idea, but I reckon it might be a good fit to add the acoustic version of Free Dum(b) you put on YouTube after Paris. I love that version of the song.

  • activeguardian

    If any other of Deek's American fans are still reading this comments section please invite him for an American tour, or at least a trip to visit friends. I've offered to help but I don't think Deek takes me seriously…. so won't some more of you get on his case to come across the water? Make him feel it'll be worth it. Offer to put up a few Benjamins your own self to pay for travel, lodging, etc.

  • wolverine2244

    Tobacco Blues 0:00Woke Up This Morning 4:20Hey Ho 8:20Liv 4 Eva 12:07Stomp Clap 16:26My Baby Left Me 19:17I Got The Blues 23:07Round O Round 27:50Sparks 32:05To Set You Free 35:20

  • apolloguide

    one of your uploads won't play on you tube…. saying that it is a "private upload"

  • ToadyOak

    I like Liv4Eva, every single day

  • Damien Percy

    To Set You Free -…………………………just WOW. I play and would love the chords.
    thanks Deek. Beautiful work

  • JakeBlakeProject

    Hi DJ, interesting tunes ya got there> Redneck-Blues w/political overtones from across the Pond no less…. You could almost be from TX or somewhere… Hope ya sell well// My last venture into the realm> The Jake Blake Blues Project "Drive My Blues Away" is a multi genre CD about 1/2 blues based… I'm still in the "Red"> can be heard on AMI int Jukebox/US> sellin at cdbaby> Anyway, I'm a fan of the FKN News>> Especially enjoyed "Vote Planet Rape" > Stay well and Salute from E.Idaho -USA

  • undeadpresident

    I like