Witty, Honest and Cool Christopher Hitchens on Q & A

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  • Brian Smith

    I miss this mans diatribe so much.

  • LJY08

    Walleed's inability to scrutinize his religion is his greatest weakness and why I struggle to truly respect him.

    Waleed is an academic, but he is incapable, or unwilling, to pick apart his own religion; and he knows it's wrong, and this is the greatest problem with Islam, and religion generally; a man so educated and versed in the ways of academia SHOULD be able to scrutinise his own religion, and SHOULD feel morally obliged to do so based on his academic training; to exercise logical and rational, fact-based thought to find truth, or the closest thing humans can actually reach to truth, solely in the pursuit of human knowledge and evolution; something he is clearly committed to in every facet of his life, with the exception of his religion.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting he should reject his faith and/or culture outright, but to not even have the guts to question his holy text and to be able to admit that 'Islamists' ARE part of his religion, whether peaceful Muslims like it or not, is morally bankrupt and I can't respect it.

    For me, he is a shining example of the entire issue with Islam; the vast majority of people who adhere to the Islamic faith (not all), are completely unwilling to challenge their religion and subject it to a level of scrutiny tantamount to the enlightenment that Christianity was subjected to some 400 years ago; ultimately resulting in the separation of church and state and the evolution of societies to the first world, that western societies, the world over, enjoy today. Societies that are no longer subject to holy wars, and other barbaric acts that are STILL committed in the name of Islam in some parts of the world, and which prohibit human evolution…clearly!

    People of Islam don't understand, that until non-Muslims can see a clear effort to start questioning some of the worst elements of the Qu'ran, and to stop hiding behind the fallacy that 'Islamists' are misinterpreting or misrepresenting the Qu'ran, as those who practice 'Islamism' practice the 'literal interpretation' of the Qu'ran (much like fundamentalist Christians practice the 'literal interpretation' of the bible; essentially they are the 'terrorist' strain of Islam – and YES they are the minority of the religion, but there's still millions on millions of them, the world over, willing to kill and BE killed in the name of their religion and holy text), then people are not going to trust that the Islamic faith IS a religion of peace, or that peaceful Muslims are willing to challenge their own religion to bring it 'kicking-and-screaming' into the 21st century and FORCE it to be a religion of peace.

    This is not 'Islamophobia' and I reject that term outright; it shouldn't even exist. I don't hate Muslims and I don't blame them for the terrorist acts that Islamists commit in the name of their religion, but it IS an element of the Islamic religion that is responsible for these acts, and it is only Muslims who can fight this and start de-constructing the Qu'ran and ridding it of it's most destructive passages. Or at the very least, acknowledging openly that these outdated and barbaric aspects of the Quran exist and that they are to be ignored and even denigrated in modern society, much like the non-fundamentalist Christians of the world have done with the bible; and these days fundy Christians are generally seen for what they are; a bunch of unhinged nutters of cult status; but a least they aren't killing anyone on a mass scale…anymore!

  • LJY08

    Hitchens can only barely contain his disdain for religious leaders. Look at the way he is ignoring the idiot sitting next to him, he won't even make eye contact with him, and actually has his shoulder turned away from him; everything about his body language and words suggest utter disdain for this 'charlatan' and his verbal diarrhea.

  • vitalis flows

    So frustrating for him to be interrupted so often.

  • Emily O’Brien

    "Here's a question aimed directly at him."
    "Oh dear"

  • Lizzie Farrah

    To Clare l would never read any of his books!!!! such miss- leading rubarb. I had the miss fortune of stumbling upon him on u tube. I listened and came to the conclusion that he was nothing but a arrogant toad. He was so rude about people. l saw him on u tube being interviewed outside of kensington palace. He started shouting at people who were paying thier respects at the Late Lady Diana's home. I thought you arrogant swine. He won't be remembered. Only by those with a warped dangerous mind. Thank god for all past genious people that have lived. They leave a legacy.

  • George Kenny

    he believes now

  • rachel senior

    hitchens railed against the arrogance of the human race who believes it is specially chosen

  • Ron Calvert

    Very Cool and intelligent. Totally switched on.

  • Adam White

    hitchens legend

  • Johan Rehnstrom

    Hitchens was so great. He is missed.

  • ivanesca

    tht first guy is a disguised Stephen Fry you can't fool me

  • BornAgain happyfriday

    you forgot to say and dead….
    and screaming out in pain for forgiveness to jesus . ..
    this reprobate man now knows the errors of his ways . ..now…

  • adlufc1141

    imagine only atheists get to go to heaven – and the real test was for humans to have the bravery and strong mindedness to accept they are gonna die and not bitch out and swear allegiance to a god