Wikileaks ‘We have a surprise in store’ Hillary Clinton IN a hot sea Fox & Friends 10/21/16

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Wikileaks ‘We have a surprise in store’ Hillary Clinton Fox & Friends 10/21/16
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  • Mano Daniel

    Is it not enough that you compromised your Emails? Now the world knows the US response time for nuclear attack!!!! How dumb can you get???? How come people are so dumb that they poll that they are going to vote for you????

  • Mano Daniel

    Banana republic Shame on you Director Comey and Madam Secratary Lynch!!!!! Rise up and do Justice!!!!

  • Terry L

    Great .. a whore for a First Lady, a real estate salesman for President .. Justice David Souter was right in 2012 … American civic ignorance will end democracy. Fools.

  • Matthew Haines

    only 70 million people.. how naive ! or more propaganda…! Reality.. Everyone on the planet laughed..!

  • Gina Mariposa

    Maybe the shark was trying to tell them to get out of his home? Sharks do not preferably bite people as food. This one would have killed if it could, but they only try to eat people when they mistake them for their normal prey, which is sea lion. Gad! Take a hint!

  • Blue Patch1413

    Why has no one arrested this bitch, tell me?

  • Madam Vonkook

    Paying people to start fights and cause violence is terrorism!!!These democratic operatives are criminals these people should be arrested !!

  • June Bug

    NEWS ALERT..wikileaks director DEAD. CEO say julian next..

  • Lasna34

    What does it matter Wikileaks you waited too long.

  • russmaleartist

    It's called preparation . . . H. Hellery and those in collaboration with her acts of treason need ALL be tried for TREASON before the Supreme Court — and it should be televised!

  • Godseed Lee

    dude, take your hat off, lol

  • Thomas Pickering

    They are murdering people associated with WikiLeaks. Assange is very likely dead.  They are purging our ability to learn what the truth is about them from this heroic organization.  Our Government is ran by very corrupt forces that have nothing to do with Democracy. What you see is them assassinating WikiLeaks people.  This is all to make sure Hillary Clinton is not embarassed by any other information releases prior to them installing her as our next President.  Don't be stupid enough to let them get away with it.

  • Dirty P


  • mauricemojo234

    He's a good man that sheriff,all the best from Scotland Mr Trump

  • Luke Wexler

    Obama and his entire Administration should be sitting in jail right now. Why in hell this country put some floppy-eared Kenyan with a Muslim name in the White House is beyond me. It is why I think Hillary will be the next President. When the American public idolizes some Morroccan whore named Kardashian, or idolizing some street thug football player who refuses to stand for the national anthem, that is when you know this is officially a nation of morons.

  • Kostchtchle

    its not just Hillary going down though, its who she drags down with her if she burns, it would rock America to the foundations

    Trump for president
    Clarke for policing America

    two great men

  • chescarino

    this election has turned into some kind of WWE smackdown. it's embarrassing and it really grinds my gears..