Wikileaks releases more Clinton campaign emails

Reaction from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars

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  • carole carroll

    biden is another accepting money via his son as some board member on the Ukrainian energy board. same thing only he works for the donation sitting on his butt. Biden is as a nothing. he will die one day of old age thank God. someone who will not be missed.

    another woman supporting insecure woman.

  • Katherine Clarson-Raswell

    Clinton Foundation, come on go to L. A. downtown thousands of homeless sleeping on the street, how come she does not help the homeless, and she is trying to help the Syrians, we have 28,000.00 sleeping on the street of Los Angeles

  • Katherine Clarson-Raswell

    the queen of corruption won't be president, Donald Trump for president.

  • Katherine Clarson-Raswell

    Donald Trump for president, the queen of corruption Hillary liar.

  • Thomas Pickering

    They are murdering people associated with WikiLeaks. Assange is very likely dead.  They are purging our ability to learn what the truth is about them from this heroic organization.  Our Government is ran by very corrupt forces that have nothing to do with Democracy. What you see is them assassinating WikiLeaks people.  This is all to make sure Hillary Clinton is not embarassed by any other information releases prior to them installing her as our next President.  Don't be stupid enough to let them get away with it.

  • Yolanda G.

    Hillary takes money for her campaign and ISIS advance.
    Hillary takes money for her foundation and nothing gets done with that $.
    Hillary erased emails and she can run for president of the US.

    Clearly she's the best option!

  • White light

    black screen cannot see video

  • DirectorJoshHarris

    In America, people stood up against the Emperor of the World, the empire where the sun never set, and declared their freedom from abuse, collusion and unfair garnishment of their wealth without proper say in their governance. They said it was madness. Insanity to oppose the world's number one military. They were brash, "uneducated', rebellious people, while speaking truths about tyranny, a strange brew difficult for people to understand at the time. But they gave us all our freedom in government. Whether or not you wish it to be true, it was the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights that ultimately enabled America to overcome slavery, which had existed for nearly 150 years when they were crafted, and ended about 75 years later. It enabled the ability for women to vote. There is nothing holding back the historical urge for tyranny, which will remove the freedoms and victories we hold dear if given a chance, but the will of The People who, endowed by God, have been given the freedom to choose against it.

    And the technological developments of the last several decades do not warrant nor do they deserve the docile fealty to the creators of such things, because at no point has the power to wield such technology change the moral and God-given responsibility and culpability for our individual actions. We may use our smartphones and computers, and we may blindly allow companies to track us and learn all about us, and these companies might indeed share it all with a small group of powerful and wealthy elites, but when these companies and elites cross the Rubicon of the trust of American people and indulge in tyrannical approaches, allegedly to maintain the democracy, then it is time for The People to rise up again. What does this mean? Nothing violent. It means we preserve the very ideas that our forefathers gave and shed blood to earn. In a society where we are allowed to vote and move freely, where the power still resides in The People, then The People need to stand up and assert that power. We can never accept the ugly compromise this current DNC, led by the Screwtape Clintons and their disciples, has, at best, engineered in order to further their "cause" and at worst illegally, immorally, unethically and wickedly imposed onto trusting people. Our Cause has already been won, inasmuch that we have already fought for and won our freedom. And now we return to our own vomit? Never. We can never accept this. We will never accept this.

    I was for Bernie Sanders. I will never be for the DNC or the elite RNC who is actively denying the outsider a chance. The DNC was more deceitful about their outsider. They colluded against him. The DNC media, which is 90%+ of the current journalistic establishment, propped up Trump and cut out the rest. They believed that the American People would never catch on. Perhaps many won't. They bank on the spoiled nature of generations who never had to fight an existential threat themselves, other than to acquiesce to the American government ideologically against the Reds. Communism is a failed idea. It was right to oppose it. However, we are now sitting in a generation of aging Boomers who learned that saving America simply meant being patriotic by obeying and accepting the American way as defined and communicated by their government. The Reds fell. They deserved it. But now the American government has been riding the Boomers like a pack mule, loading it up with the spoils of war their parents fought and died for, dangling the carrot of retirement and moreover, rightful purpose in the world, when in fact they were born stallions. They were born studs of studs, of an amazing sacrificial generation, but have been so brainwashed to fight for their empire against an evil that no longer exists. And the DNC is preying on that. They are preying on the fear aging Boomers have of the Reds and Russian propaganda. They are preying on the old obsolete programming that the American People must obey and adhere to the American establishment's messaging and propaganda, even if the implications and purposes of these messages are to abandon the founding documents, abandon the republic, abandon any rightful freedoms and any checks and balances which maintain the failsafe for those freedoms, all in order to stop a phantom which has already been exorcised.

    The DNC ignores the horrors of war, which include horrific treatment of women and children, as did the RNC elite, and diabolically uses outrage against sexual impropriety as a weapon, all the while covering up their own personal impropriety, and waging it on innocent women in the Middle East. This is demonic, wicked, evil. This is Satan's work. Open your eyes. We have all sinned, but to accuse opponents in order to sway the docile public, while guilty of the same and worse, is masterfully Luciferian.

    At what point does the sin of demonizing an opponent become a true necessity? When the opponent behaves as demons do. I have never heard of such demonic plotting and planning, such abandonment of moral foundations in America, willful debauchery while masquerading as innocent, a woman covering for her husband's deeply depraved misdeeds, attacking his victims, hiding all wrongdoings and then, audaciously, and without shame, accusing her opponent of lesser charges as if she has any right to speak. This, and her people all worship her. They say nothing about the deeply immoral behavior and in fact actively and creatively find ways to spread her evil control. It's all laid bare for everyone to see.

    But will people do anything? Will they care? Will they really allow the wiles of manipulation, perfect deceit, ignorance, laziness and excess be the undoing of America? Will the generation that fought so hard for civil rights destroy the very documents and ideas that enabled them? Will the generation that inherited unearned peace and prosperity, the likes of which will likely not be duplicated again in America, be the generation that destroys it? No? BOOMERS, FIGHT YOUR EXCESS!

    You did not have permission to borrow the prosperity from future generations for you to enrich yourselves. You did not have permission to steal from other countries via regime changes or corporate malfeasance. You did not have permission to seek profit over everything else. And now, at the top of the mountain you were placed on, some of you blindly believe that we can become an empire. America will merely become a noun, synonymous with "throne." It will be that which Emperors sit on, proudly, as they control the world. Why call out Boomers? Because Trump represents the antidote for you. The man at least attempts to sound interested in giving back, interested in restoring the proper function of the founding documents, interested in halting the arrogant and impossible drive for empire that the DNC and RNC elites wish to attain. He sounds dumb to many, but I don't see it that way. Given the choice between the Scarecrow and the Wicked Witch of the West in this bizarre land of Oz America has deteriorated into, the Scarecrow is probably the wisest man in all Oz.

    So which is it? The straw man the DNC media propped up, who happens to have a bit of a brain after all, or the insidious destruction exemplified in the evil witchcraft of the Clinton machine? One leads to not much changing in America, the other leads to clear doom. So again, which is it?

  • Steve Sudlow

    Pay for Play will stop real fast if Donald Trump gets in there you dumb fucking cunt !!

  • MrMustard2U

    BOYCOTT all Corrupt Lying Pathetic Mainstream Media…
    NBC = nothing butt clinton
    SNL = Stupid Nazi Live
    CNN = Clinton News Network
    ABC = All Bias for Clintons
    CBS = Clintons Bias Service network

  • Greg Taylor

    Bidens a pompous old fool. He looks like a game show host

  • Blackmike 313

    Biden couldn't beat his own meat