Wikileaks reinforces doubts about Clinton and sensitive data

Chief national correspondent Ed Henry reports from New York

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  • skipstah70

    Uhh… how about she should be in fricking jail already.

  • ozgur jahn

    there are 13.904 people has seen it and after this video if you still
    think that usa goverment is honest and if you still vote for cilinton
    than you must be ther only person ever born without brain ,why the
    emaricans are that stupid ,how could you be that idiot ,come on peope
    wake up ,your fuck ups are killing the world ,

  • Thomas Jefferson

    how are each of these giant gaffs not their own watergate? How IS HILLARY NOT IN JAIL? WHAT THE HELL AMERICA

  • Avenger74

    Crooked Lying Hillary

  • Mr. Scream Genes

    Hand to hand knife combat.

  • Danny Page

    If she's getting payments for all of that. where is all the TAXES at.

  • Steve Swanson

    Assange and Wikileaks are doing God's work.

  • Who Me

    socialism is the new cancer / terrorism of the western world

  • Vad M.

    Russian here.

    You vote for Trump, or you all die. Putin is ready, and we will strike with more allies than globalists/liberals can ever imagine.

    Your country will perish with even your citizens against the corrupt government, along with countries that are not happy with your oppression since 911/or even from WW2. You all need to get rid of the Clintons, the corrupt media, DNC, and the Obama administration very soon before things fall apart.

  • Joe M Mams

    she's elected,we're DOOMED!

  • Joe M Mams

    of course there was pay to play!…and as for Russian hacking,there has NEVER been proof of that but there IS proof that LEAKS came from disgruntled Clinton operatives…

  • David Wilson

    Hillary and her Lesbian lover. Wipe off your upper lip Hillary you have toilet paper on it. YUK YUK YUK. HE HAW.

  • pokpokgei

    search for "rothschild" in and for proof of a rothschild shadow government which hillary serves as complete puppet to, performing their evil agendas. voting for trump is the only good that can come for americans. do you want more illegal war waging under hillary? don't set america and the world back for another 4 years under hillary. vote for you, vote for your children, vote for peace and stability in a future through trump

  • Deplorable Canadian

    The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates appears to be another one of her friends with jackpots of cash to give her.
    The kind of goons that have 5 wives.
    How exactly does the 5 wives thing correspond to the crux of the "I'm With Her" jingle?

  • Gary Lee

    Turn out the lights, Hillary…..the party's over…..bitch!!

  • Laleesh Pleetu

    damn! if the clintons can do for national debt what they do for that foundation of theirs, maybe she should be potus! she and bill can go sell themselves globally and get us back in the blue quick.