WikiLeaks publishes rejected Clinton campaign slogans

WikiLeaks publishes rejected Clinton campaign slogans

Reaction on ‘Red Eye’ to some of the catchy phrases

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  • Linda Jones

    "I HATE AMERICA" would've been perfect!!!

  • obamamaniacs

    Fox is surely not making fun of focus group and poll testing. They spend millions on it themselves.

  • ObserveGroundZero

    Go Trump get rid of the establishment. F*ck the crooked DNC

  • Leo Powell

    Trump is real, he's a person just like the rest of us, he puts his pants on one leg at a time. He speaks for all of Americans that are tired of the Democratic rule. At least he lets people know that he is in it for the long haul because he knows what it's like to be an American.

  • Wild Biker Bill

    A Clinton Slogan You Can Believe In: "I Get Richer, You Get Poorer".

  • Curiousnessify

    "Vote for me then fuck off for 4 years"

  • Curiousnessify


  • George Orwel

    Pay2Play ?

  • George Orwel

    Stronger Together – the motto of Bill and Hillary's marriage ?

  • harley quinn

    shouldve been a Jr Mafia parody "fuck Americans, get money"

  • Lou G

    She settled on "Stronger together" but she hate 75% of Americans. LOL what a shit.

  • w mark

    No sincerity and heart in HC's delivery no matter whats new?,

  • w mark

    Pretty awful slogans for an awful person. Very fitting.

  • Trumpnonymous

    Hilary is a criminal and when Trump becomes President all of these criminals will be put on trial

  • James Manson

    Former First Lady for President 2016

  • Taran Marduk

    <— My slogan is still best.

  • global chick

    the polls are rigged omg say it

  • nate jertson

    THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF THE DAY what could it be, policy issues? substance of corruption in emails? NOPE her slogan choices, who ever decided this was legit enough to run is good at aiming at a certain demographic

  • cnccarving

    we know that billy, ""rape together""

    democrats slogan
    I did not have sexual relationship with that woman