WIKILEAKS MURDER!? Julian Assange DISAPPEARS! Government UFO Alien Cover Up? 10/25/2016

Julian Assange DISAPPEARS! Government Cover Up? UFO Materialists Aliens in Bedroom! Murder Cult On The Deep Web?
Gavin MacFadyen, defender of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, dies at 76! Experiences from all over, Searching for Assange!

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  • Merilly Hughes

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO I hope they have not murdered  him the TRUTH.will prevail.

  • kadaddy2030 Williams

    no idiots he can cause a third world war are y'all ready for Armageddon ask yourself are you your family friends everyone you love and adore will cease to exist and THTS what Wikileaks is doing they are getting reAdy to cause human extinction

  • gregorylent

    no way assange is missing

  • collect0r

    hey tylor why would hillary clinton want this file and what does it show,

  • Pontus Hanzzon

    Sofia and #Thirdphaseofmoon, I have been through a similar experience several times! I want to call but I can't the area code?

  • Aham Brahmasmi

    Why are we here, what is the goal of life? I'm surprised people haven't studied Srila Prabhupada's books "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" or "Srimad Bhagavatam". All the answers are given in complete detail, with complete authority. Ufo's, other beings, everything.

  • Political Beast

    I do not know why you are talking about Julian Assanges' 'Disappearance'. He didn't disappear. The Government shut down internet access in that location, to stop him from furrther damaging Hillarys campaign with hundreds more emails.
    Now, a better question is where is Edward Snowden? Man found dead outside Snowdens home? Shot twice in the back?
    You KNOW that is not Snowden tweeting.
    Julian will contact his associates in the alt-right media. Who did Snowden reach out to?

  • Sheila Kissick

    where I live next to this small mountain > wish a crew of tv or ufo guys with equipment were here to capture this activity… neighbors don't come out alot anymoone
    re not like before to many people on their cell phones Internet everybody smoking weed boy do they have every

  • Sheila Kissick

    I hope u hear from you soon Julian because th= triangles are stationary big and sm@ll on top of my house I have witness even silver disks pass by like it's so?e kind of freeway here I'm 66 I have seen it all something is going to happen soon I am a pepper water generato% whole 9 yards also when I go to sit outside they always flash a light to me Well I know that sounds odd but I have my ft amily members to prove that I just want today know do they mean us harm or are we are snack to them or we slaves

  • Eddie Morris

    what is up asson

  • Bluefirephoenix Jen

    I just found this channel. I really enjoyed the programs. I have had some interesting experiences myself. Thank you for sharing.

  • lisa parrish

    fema camps do not beleave

  • lisa parrish

    no alien

  • Belinda Boro

    The women story does make sence. BUT a 14 -20 ft flying saucer inside her room NOT. Aliens don't doe that.

  • Belinda Boro

    The women story does make sence. BUT a 14 -20 ft flying saucer inside haar room NOT. Aliens don't doe that.