Wikileaks: Hillary Will Assume Power In November

Wikileaks is once more stating the fact that the elections are rigged, taking to Twitter to tell the world that Hillary will steal the election and assume power in November.

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  • Vern H

    10,000 at Trump rally, 500 in a high school gym for Clinton. Sounds like a hillary landslide to me.

  • Oakley Man

    Margaret for president!!

    lol jk TRUMP!!!!

  • A Hernandez


  • eddie julian


  • eddie julian

    I am so fucking pissed right now, This year has kicked my ass worrying about disgusting Hillary stealing the election. In the back of my mind I knew it was going to happen no matter what but I guess I just had a little more faith that there was still enough real America left to expose these monsters and put a stop to it. I guess its time to prepare my family for the worst. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a family I could just move to a different country but I have a family and a business and responsibilities that I must protect. These globalist assholes might steal America from me but the won't steal America from my heart and I will fight them till the end. TRUMP/PENCE

  • Brian Davis

    I don't like either of them, but I will say it's over for Trump. Hillary is clearly winning.

  • kendo4242

    Excellent report, Margaret, thanks for your work at Infowars….

  • Johnnyjetrod The Patriot

    hillary presidency equals ww3 and civil war at the same time.. not to mention she may not survive 6 more months. a vote for hillary is an open invitation to have a war with the devil…

  • PeyoteIguana

    It's all rigged, but go vote. Please. Like that's gonna do anything if it's rigged. Maybe go buy ammo and make sure your shit is BZO'ed. Voting isn't gonna do shit if it's rigged.

  • Bueatiful12 12Bueatiful

    Vote for Trump!!! Hes our chance!!! We got to stop this! If Hillary wins it won't be that she's elected but selected! Those were Trumps words! Everywhere i got i see Trump signs, not one Hillary. Hes got the popular vote and on a fair note he should have the electoral college. But knowingly there's corruption happening and they are being exposed! Its just a matter of time how can we stop it before November 8th! I believe Trump will win! But we got to go and Vote!

  • Bueatiful12 12Bueatiful

    If she wins we will know how fucked up and rigged this is!

  • Kelly Boyd

    I wish Brexit hadn't happened first! Now the globalists now what is possible, and probably, how to defend against it. :'(

  • Anthony O’Brian

    1:35 green tongue