Wikileaks: George Soros To Be Shadow President Of USA

Alex reveals the shadowy characters that are working behind the scenes to destroy our democracy and very way of life.

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  • Jo Mamma

    I love Hitler and Donald Trump I want to join

  • Randomfully Wonderful

    Assange isn't a liberal. He has identified himself as a Libertarian, so has Snowden.

    Do you really think Assange trusts the government to do anything more than it has to?

  • mary barone

    Soros is paying people to do his bidding, obviously, but how are WE doing his bidding without knowing? To end this, there are things we must give up and turn our back on.

  • Zibo Salek

    hi Bill, but you know that Soros is Knight of Malta and he gets his order from those organisation ? same as Rockefeller and Rothschilds and Skull and Bones (Bushes, Clinton)

  • Kevin G

    That's an old 42

  • Sykokiller

    Wake up sheeple! Unplug from the matrix

  • 2haveFREEDOMpriceles

    How about instead of supporting one of the two bad choices, we just say no more federal government.
    We should all just tell these criminals- no more of your FUCKING rigged game of EMPIRE.

  • Andrew Bronee


  • Jack Eskildsen

    Another epic rant Alex! I love the clapping of the hands thing to try and wake people up.

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog

    You can't get Russia anyways,it's a fortress!It was unprepared for Nazis in W.War 2 and still WON that war!Russia WON,not US!US saved Nazis from prosecution,gave them jobs and housed them while during war they killed US soldiers and commuted war crimes!Says a lot how twisted US politics is,same happening today,nothings changed.

  • Deki Smokton

    Prince Aboubou did give Hillary millions & millions of dollars but he lives in Saoudi Arabia.

  • Muhammad Abdul Qaadir

    George Soros is a great man. Learn about how he struggled as a Hungarian immigrant to make it to where he is today. George Soros is not an evil bogeyman, he is the type of man we need to make America more liberal and racially diverse.

  • Phil Robertson

    brilliant … wake up if you want a future. BTW go back 23 years and see Alex, a nobody, ranting at the media in Waco Texas about their lack of coverage of the Waco massacre. He's the real deal

  • Brenda Kidd

    trump is awesome he clearly won all 3 presidentail debates no wonder everyone is turning against hillary and turning to trump he will be an awesome president yea we all know hes not perfect but he will fix america and make america great again

  • Tony Duran

    This makes sense since Soros looks just like Palpatine.

  • durrhurr55

    really need to look at the scam people of 4chan are running and what will happen if you speak against it. they're essentially fooling everyone into believing the new alt right narrative or parts of it