WikiLeaks emails: Clinton pushed for foundation meeting in Morocco

More of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails have been released by WikiLeaks. In one, aides bicker over Hillary Clinton’s scheduled presence at a Clinton Foundation meeting in Morocco.
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  • sinisa majetic

    CBS, the OCP is the Moroccan government-owned mining company, so therefore it makes no sense that Clinton would not appear just because of OCP's support of the meeting, and especially given the fact that Clinton foundation have prior already received donations from OCP. Her decision not to appear is the result of public pressure and not of her outrage at the OCP's participation like you have implied.

  • FIGHTAstrologyPredictions

    Excuse me !! Delete this fucking video . You are supposed to target Trump not Hillary . Dont change sides in last 3 weeks , fuck you CBS . Air more of Trump Sexual assualt clips and how he mocks disabled people . Run them 24×7 till Nov 8th . Fuckers .

  • chakor viper

    morocco is a dictator-monarchy country with a Islamic government, they put Christians and gay people in the jail…good job Hillary you are the best hypocrite woman in the world

  • IMA WAKE 2

    Finally, We are getting a little truth. How long will that last?

  • leon singleton

    The Clinton foundation is about helping the Clintons bank account.

  • Ilona Kirschen

    Lol, Clinton is Terror Pate and Obama ISIS Kalif

  • Day Dreamer

    Anyone who stuck with her to the bitter end will be associated with criminality. Donna Brazile and anyone not calling her out is a joke. CNN leaking those questions was disgusting. Violence incited by Democrats getting bussed in is despicable and dangerous. Someone could have gotten killed. And now more emails leaked. Much too much.