Why Flat Earthers Are Wrong – Deek Jackson

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  • Viktor Sahni

    Well Deek you're definitely a moron. Those seeking TRUTH: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154336777284536

  • Yourdreaminbuddy

    Flat Earth is the best, maybe only hope to change everything. If you believe in the FE say something. Don't let them silence you. Some of these clips are presumably from Nasa. Some think Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing. Some think he gave clues of this in the move "The Shining". So if Nasa lied about the Moon Landing, and has collected some 800 billion (seemingly unaccountable) tax dollars, why would we use NASA videos to disprove the FE? Why do many organizations use the FE model as their logo? Why can you see a sun spot on the tops of clouds 112,000-120,000 feet up from a weather balloon if the Sun is 93 million miles away? What was operation fishbowl? Answer the questions, Morons! I will have 100 more. Silly me for asking questions, and not believing NASA. I thought that was the whole point you fucking morons!!!!

  • Raj Patel

    My friend, I think you are slightly deranged. This video clearly shows your level of knowledge on this subject.

  • Lions Ground

    hahaha love the echo on the morons.

  • Fx ofTruth

    Flat or Round?
    It is neither.
    It's a steaming pile of dong and we are the bacterium within the pile.

  • Canastria Eliana

    Perhaps Deek you should listen to your own words. That a person can distinguish between conspiracy theories with a bit of critical thinking, just a little.. The fact that you're chummy with Charles Veitch, a once hardcore, outspoken alternative media producer, who suddenly went from a position of scepticism over 9/11 to supporting the official line, suggests that, whilst a lot of your content implies you are anti establishment, you aren't as open minded and a free thinker as you like to think, or maybe something more? Also you are quite scathing in your attacks on people who question global warming. I'd quite like you to produce a video, seeing as you have a reasonable platform, that demonstrates the correlation between global changes in temperature and sun spot activity. I'm sure you will berate me and call me a moron, which is fine, i'm not a "flat earther" as is the given name, or a "climate change denier" but I think there is a lot, that we are not being told and what we are being told, may not be the whole story!

  • Mandy Minx

    The earth is flat and Deek knows this because he is a moron too – we are all morons! Doesn't prove a globe though! Sorry, "oblate spheroid"…

    Thanx for the FKN news Deek!!!!

  • Robert Lock

    I'm no flat earth peddler, but this video doesn't prove a damn thing – all it does is antagonize those that believe the nonsense – and is not constructive in any way.

  • flat lander

    Ha ha!
    Unbelievable what people will believe these days, in dumbed-down chicken town.
    Have you heard the one about the underground / underwater cities the elite are supposed to have built for themselves? Even the average moron would struggle to believe that bollocks.

    I cried with laughter at the last FKN Newz.
    Keep up the good work and keep me sane for a bit longer.

    Thank you.

  • Stacy Elam

    The soundtrack is awesome for this video excellent:)