We`re Coming… To Fuck You Up – Deek Jackson

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  • Concerned Canadian

    This is only if Killary gets in..

  • Tim Smith

    Not one single thumbs down…mmmmmmm. You cannot argue with the truth. Well done mate-nice work!

  • Perochka

    Brought to you by the "good guys" at AIPAC

  • Mehr Licht – Bitte Lächeln

    / because in a bigger cycle we are love. Frank Zappa Watch out were the husky go, don't eath that yellow snow nanuk

  • Mono Pleb

    Feck me msg got deleted when your new vid got loaded.. Alas, i knew it was gonna be an academic fuck fest when my sociologist professors appeared content, modest and comfortably intelligent. Going into detail on the woes of the underclasses and ruling hypocrisy which gets them paid, to stand there and be old while i'm young and told.

  • Alpine701

    Hi Deek. Once again you made my day. I had just finished looking at a portion of one of the debates and need to clear my consciousness, watched this and I am all better. Thanks.
    Cheers Mate.

  • Yan Pagh


  • fred6319

    not a little Deek but a lot richer you see greed is good more is better.
    they never have enough.