Watters World 10/22/16 Wikileaks Emails; Emails show Clinton campaign attention to black voters.

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Watters World 10/22/16 Wikileaks Emails; Emails show Clinton campaign attention to black voters.
Watters World 10/22/16 Wikileaks Emails; Rigged System
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  • Cxar Goguen

    Nov 8th RED shirt day for Donald Trump ! ( check it out on you tube
    & spread the word !). Wear a red shirt to the polls, if your voting
    TRUMP ! Then if you look around and see a massive amount of red shirts,
    and Hillary wins in your area, you'll know its fixed. Take video &
    photos ! Trump should mention this at his rallies. This needs to get
    around. Stop Hillary !

  • David Cantrell

    if Trump is not voted in , this will be our last chance to correct americas mistakes….we must vote trump, please

  • ihateliberals

    I think that watters should replace o'rielly at the  factor. or better still, fire Megan Kelly who has attacked trump, nearly as badly, and as often as the rest of the leftist media!!!

  • Richard Seamon

    Subliminal message at 23:45 to hypnotize the sheeple

  • SonyaT1231

    Hilary needs to go to jail, she is a criminal.

  • mrbutt

    people in North Carolina love freedom and there guns

  • mrbutt

    No way she can be leading in North Carolina I call BS on that one.

  • esther boiangiu

    and a loser

  • SuperSupremeCommande

    Chumlee the rapist is the one the ask questions to?

  • SuperSupremeCommande

    Ask your self if you want the same old good ol boys running Washington or do we need to hit the reset button on the Government.

  • Russell Slayton

    Trump would kick your ass Biden your were not even an athlete. Baron can kick Biden's ass. There bringing the violence remember that. Wikileaks proved it She paid agitators, he is already creating jobs.

  • Guillermo SweetStuff*

    WHAT does it take for good people to see the corruption, they are COMPLICIT ENABLERS for turning a blind eye !

  • JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res

    The DON will always have my Vote…
    *The FAG on the RAG is FINANCED by the FRACTIONAL satanic illuminati ROTSchilds / Bayer / FEDERAL RESERVE / FEDERAL GOVERNMENT / IRS / CFR / IMF /
    The CROWN (POPE) the black pope…
    *ALL Above are the same Entity…

  • DaisyCat64


  • Sugar Plum Fairy

    The mainstream media are not journalists. They're propagandists.

  • Alessandro Galli

    I am with Donald! Let's make America great again!!

  • jt bone

    I do like Watters humor is powerful. Trump 2016