Waking Up With Sam Harris #46 – The End of Faith Sessions 3

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris reads and discusses the third chapter of “The End of Faith.” Topics include: Christianity, Judaism, the Inquisition, witchcraft, anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust.

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  • Hunter Dutkiewicz

    +Sam Harris
    Hey Sam. I just read your book Islam and the Future of tolerance and continued my resolution to read the Quran. I bought Michael Weiss' book on Isis too, because I'm doing a paper on the the slaughter of innocent civilians murdered by Isis. Then I started reading Reese Erlich's book, and if you haven't read it, It totally obfuscates the motives behind Isis' killings. Do you have any good ways of calibrating your "bullshit detector" in arenas like these? Thank you.

  • PluckySmurf

    I'm loving these readings. Keep spreading reason Sam. <3

  • Christopher Field

    You are wrong in the assumption that settlements in "The Disputed" territories are the reason for conflict. Palestinians were at war with Israel, but not Jordan or Egypt, while those Countries held control and built on the "Occupied Territories" for 30 years. The reason for the conflict is and always has been the Palestinians inability to accept the Jewish State. The religious mumbo jumbo is and has always been created and used by and for those who seek power, to lead the non thinking and other power seekers.

  • celso chavez

    am i the only one who thinks sam should be giving Hillary debate advice? he has always been so composed even during the most insufferable woo woo.

  • fergusongralle

    24:50 The cats said "Oh long johnson"

  • infinightsky

    what is the name of that piece of music?

  • Scotty Nguyen’s 80s Mullet

    This was excellent Sam. Please continue the readings

  • bella flame

    Thank you for sharing the horrific details of His-story. Everyone needs to acknowledge that all of this came from men & that's all that men have to offer women, a horrific history. I think I know what the problem here is stemming from, and I'm not sure that the cause is religion but when you add men + religion it + HeLL!

  • vsaluki

    This is such an incredible yawn. Harris is like the guy who runs out in front a moving train and screams, "follow me". Everything he says about religion has been known and talked about for a very long time. There is nothing new in this. Like all Jewish pundits it is just one long boring invocation of guilt. Only after religion, based on guilt, sin, salvation, etc. was invented and used by the Rabbis as a tool of mass control, and after it's failings were exposed, have the new secular Rabbis come running to again claim to be the leaders of the world by destroying the evil of religion. But the joke is on you. The leader of the new secular Rabbis is named Marx and the new priests are all the pseudo intellectual Jewish pundits, and they are still selling all of the old guilt based slave morality that the Rabbis have been selling since they were a vanquished slave culture. While disposing of God Harris continues to push the idea of an objective morality even though that has no more basis for existence than the old gods. And there is basically no change in that morality since it was invented by a slave race that vented their hatred and resentment against their conquerors by turning the victor into evil and the loser into good. The Rabbis stole life from humanity by placing all value of life in a future promised heaven – but only if sin and restitution were made by allowing the Rabbis control of real current life. Now the secular Rabbis like Harris still need false morality because they still want control. Now instead of original sin, they give us "racism"; instead of the subjugation of the Jews, they give us the Holocaust. The illogical structures of the Rabbis are replaced with "scientific" Marxism. And what is good for the Jews is replaced with "rational morality for the common benefit". But the reality is that it is still nothing but a more sophisticated control mechanism which still runs on the power of guilt and still seeks to control the masses using that power. It still prevents human freedom and still empowers the lowest common denominator of humanity and presents them to us as the heroes of humanity by virtue of their victimhood. But listening and believing Harris only keeps us enslaved to the same slave morality that the Jewish world has embraced out of necessity and falsely sold us for 3000 years.

  • Cory Radebaugh

    Thank you, Sam for doing these "End of Faith" sessions. You're right the original audio book reader doesn't seem to deliver the content the way it was intended. I can almost hear a pastoral sense in the man's voice. I imagine the same effect could be reproduced if William Lane Craig decided to do the voice over. But who better to convey the message in this great book than the person who wrote it? And as an even further bonus, it comes complete with your own side notes and caveats! So, my sincerest thanks again for these!

  • Hawksm278

    I like The End of Faith readings, and I would be glad if you continued.

  • Christopher Padilla

    The Jews DO suck the blood of infants just google "Rabbi sucks penis."

  • thewolfpack

    I wish I would be as smart as Sam is.

  • erin drake

    this is fantastic. The way that he adds in the occasional side bar is like getting an updated version of the book

  • EL Che


  • Jay F

    Presson my friend, I also am against witch burning.

  • Shannon Sullivan

    Listening to Sam speak is like lifting weights for my vocabulary.

  • Ken Gibson

    ok so that's the downside to religion..