Waking Up With Sam Harris #45 – Ask Me Anything 5

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris answers questions from listeners about how 9/11 changed his life, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, free will, why he podcasts, Milo and the alt-Right, identity politics, Clinton vs. Trump, vegetarianism, and the Hannibal Buress episode.

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  • Xiclotrode

    are you a homogay?

  • playingdablues

    59:30 The prospect of an HRC presidency IS terrifying to brown skinned people in countries across the Atlantic, so it SHOULD BE terrifying to compassionate Americans.

  • SenorQuichotte

    Hitch would roast this buddhist wannabee Harris for supporting hillary. Watch Hitch's videos yourself. Hitch hated Bill, serial rapist, bombing of innocents at a "factory", executing mentally ill man on death row for political gain, Clinton. His opinion on Hillary is spot, worst secr of State on scale of Kissinger. She was inept, used position for political and financial gain, despicable. Clinton are a corrput political machine.

    Trump is putting on a show, big deal. What politician has ever kept their promises during a campaign? President only has real power on foreign policy because limp dick congress allows it. Anyone who thinks Trump will get any of his laws or agenda passed as he currently espouses is at a minimal delusional and worst case borderline insane.

    Trump as pres would galvanize a 3rd party to real political power and dump Repub/Democrats, they both suck.

    Picking a random citizen? That's insane, there are so many more ignorant, redneck, hillbilly, racist, bible thumping bigots then rational people, this is tantamount to civil war. Ergo, Harris opens mouth, inserts foot.

  • Nik Tishok

    There was a physicist Ludwig Boltzmann who devised a theory about a self aware entity arising from chaotic state of universe. It's called Boltzmann Brain theory.

  • onett home

    Sam Harris is a generous lover

  • Anatoli Diamond

    For such a smart guy, how has Sam not read Scott Adams' analyses and discerned that Trump very much knows what he's doing when he talks at a 4th grade reading level?

  • Nick Kyler

    Sam calls the Hannibal Podcast a train wreck. It sounded just like Thanksgiving with my family.

  • MrJosh6889

    Some of us out here still appreciate such an analytical, logic driven approach to these questions. Thanks for doing what you do. You deserve a bigger audience.

  • lex Tr3

    why are you so manipulative when talking about trump?

    your empty of thought to me. 🙂

    your ego is over the roof

    hitchen would vote for trump .. retard.

    your seriously pathetic.. make me wanna puke

  • Rodrigo Ramirez

    Here are some questions for Sam Harris, if he cares to address them at some point in the future.
    What is Sam Harris’ opinion about the religiosity of the US armed forces? Does he see any parallel between the way the US military are encouraged to draw strength from the christian deity, and the way foreign fighters draw moral strength from their respective deities?

  • Dave Longbow

    Sam Harris is very smart

  • jeremybr2020

    The more I think about it, the more I have become quite convinced that Trump very likely has serious mental disabilities and social issues. This most likely stems from his up bringing and the way he pretty much has created a bubble from which he resides. Like many individuals such as mega movie stars or others of similar standings in the public eye, they have become so surrounded by people who essentially worship and agree with every thing they say and do. They become detached from the realities of "normal" people. They truly believe that they are in many ways, superior and special above all others. They believe that they were somehow born "special" and/or "gifted by God". Trump's level of narcissism and his ego, has reached a level that I've personally never witnessed before. Take for example one of Trump's many blatantly false lies that he has told. And Im paraphrasing here…"Hillary Clinton started the birther movement. And I (Trump) have ended it. I ended it. You know what I mean." Looking at this on it's face, it would appear to be just another really bad lie spoken by Trump. But it's almost too bad. If you had even the smallest measure of sense, you would know that this lie would not fly in the face of all the evidence against it. Even Trump could not be that stupid. Yet he still told this lie. Why? What worries me, is that I think Trump actually believes that proclamation. At least on some level he does. This suddenly goes from being just another annoying lie, to something else altogether. If Trump is actually altering his perception of reality, so that it fits his narrative then this becomes extremely concerning and very frightening. Trump's need for attention and approval is ridiculous. His justification of complimenting someone like Putin. "If someone says nice things about me, I will say nice things about them." How can any reasonable and sane person not see the huge flaw in that statement? Trump's obvious problem with ever admitting that he has made a mistake is also something of great concern. When Trump has said monumentally idiotic statements, such as when he had suggested that we should kill the family members of ISIS terrorists. Or that we should of taken the oil in the middle east, resulting in plunging millions of people, both the ones we are fighting as well as the ones we are supposed to be helping, further into poverty. Or when he criticized McCain for being a POW. The list goes on. When Trump says these horrible and false comments and he is later called on them, Trump has never once said something like "Yes I had spoken from a place of emotion, and spoke without really considering the implications. I was wrong in these statements and I apologize to those whom I have clearly insulted." Not only do we never get anything remotely close to something like that, he will instead double down on his comments and generally make them even worse. There have been so many damn red flags that have popped up with Trump. People continuing to support him despite all these red flags is disconcerting and massively depressing.

  • no

    ultimate asmr

  • The Serf

    Sam Harris brings up Osho/Baghwan Sri Rajneesh. When I was in high school, I went to their compound in Oregon as a field trip. The same day we went to Rajneeshpurim, it was the day the feds handed down federal indictments against him. It was both hilarious to see grown adults running around dressed in purple as if the world was coming to an end. Rajneeshpurim soon closed down and he and his minions fled back to India because of his visa problems and he become Osho and started a new retreat. We did get to see the fleet of Rolls Royces It was like visiting Jay Leno's car collection.

  • The Serf

    The thing I love about Sam Harris is how he just continually plows ahead despite the fact most people are morons. Most people think their opinions and feelings are facts and believe what they think is self-evident without any defensible argument based in logical reasoning and empirical evidence.