Tyranny Of The Masses – Deek Jackson

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  • Daryl Buck izzz Trinity Valour indeed!

    Pay NO ATTENTION to the Man IN FRONT of the Curtain. No need for any of YOU mutts to GET what He's ACTUALLY SAYING

  • 023achilles

    Wow, fantastic defeatism there Zeek. Nice 666 you flashed at the start of the video too.
    We are in an information war at this moment. Thats why people are reading, discussing, making videos, to share information with one another.

    We have been divided and conquered for so long that there needs to be a period of conciliation, where people find common ground with one another once more. The top 0.1% are sociopaths (along with about 3% of the population at large). That is why they are so comfortable waging war and lying through their teeth, not because that is the human condition, as you imply.

    "Victorious warriors first win, and then they fight. Defeated warriors fight first, and lose" Sun Tzu

  • fivethumbsfrank

    I saw Bob Marley in a banana once.

  • Darren Malin

    what a load of bollocks

  • mrgalaxyman57

    and thats the way it is……

  • JLK Greystone

    The man in black I back!  There is no way I can disagree with your assessment of the true nature of humanity.  Despite all our technology, we as a species have only evolved emotionally  enough to be 3 steps away from the cave's entrance without a fire stick.

  • Geo Mcn

    you cynical tosser!

  • euphemus2

    That thumbnail is really triggering to dyslexics. I could have sworn it said:

  • dannyrybeck

    True True True!

  • Richard Llewellyn

    That reminds me better take somthing out of the freezer for dinner.

  • Thomas Marciniak II

    You know, you almost got it right, but for one thing……..even hungry bellies won't wake up this crowd, they will just show their colours……like a rainbow of dysfunctional idiots.

    Good show!