Trump vs Clinton – The Window of Opportunity

Elections 2016… There has never been a better time for a rude awakening.

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  • Michael Karamanolis

    Thank you stormcloudsgathering, it's been worth waiting for your latest video release, I will post it and repost it to as many of my social media links i have, and in my groups i chat in be it my relationships course i give at the local church or where i try help with people suffering addiction problems, I will mention this to them and at work whoever is willing to listen

  • Mungukin Tebos

    hey StormCloudsGathering why so silent i was waiting for your videos

  • Tim Stark

    welcome back!

  • Arnaldo Aguilera

    I am glad you are back. I,ve been waiting for the next video. Thanks

  • Joan Roth

    Glad & grateful to know you're still kicking! Have you tried GSE? A natural anti-biotic, anti-parasitic & anti-fungal, short for Grape fruit seed extract.

  • Pilgrim Falcon

    Glad to hear your voice! I was asleep, and as always you inspire awakening. Thank you!

  • Cherry Picker Guitars

    Excellent piece!
    Nice to hear from you. Have greatly missed you point of view on so many recent events. We're in high gear, though, for sure.

  • Syed Ali

    Mark my words 2017(with whoever ends up as President) will have twice as many hoaxes as this year. They are going to work harder for a war to lead to a new world order.

  • aristotle313

    Hey Aaron, I think it would be cool to see you stream a discussion with Peter Joseph.

  • Charles Wilson

    We missed you a hell of alot has happened while you were away, glad to see you are back.

  • MegF

    So I have to wait for the next generation to grow up? By that time, I'll be so old and heading to my end. I've been waiting for more to wake up for my entire adult life. Hopefully it finally happens. The internet makes harder for the propaganda machine and elites to hide, but then also easier for powers to track people. Be careful, my friends.

  • James Hopkins

    MAN glad you're back!!!

  • Eric Yeatts

    so glad to see another video from you!


    If we don't stop the communist state of israel now it will be too late for any of us to protect our children from a life of slavery. Please watch the documentary by Dennis Wise (Communism by the Back Door). GOD BE WITH US ALL .