Trump Is Leading Hillary In New Polls And New Wikileaks – The Kelly File (FULL SHOW 10/21/2016)

Megyn Kelly looks at the latest polls and even though she may not like it that much herself, the latest poll show Donald Trump leading Crooked Hillary Clinton by 1%! It has come to the point where even skewed polls fail to put him behind.
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  • linzie queen

    TRUMP FOR PRES!!!!!!!!

  • slk25724

    It's too late for a comeback. People are already voting.

  • slk25724

    He's working really hard. It's very difficult to stand and read a teleprompter.


    I can't wait until this is over and Trump crawls back under his rock.

  • Wes Martyn

    you MSM cronies are so fucked up. Trump is ahead by some 30 points


    Who gives a shit who Skeletor(Krauthammer) is voting for???!!!

  • zizwani luhana

    As far as am concerned, Trump is someone who truly stands for aspirations of Americans. Clinton gets too personal other than telling Americans what she gonna do to improve internal security , trade, better health care etc

  • wandering way dust in the wind wander

    I don't see no Hillary signs plenty of TRUMP people should be ashamed if they support Hillary most corrupt sold out person around everyone knows that she's had count less scandals

  • RickP2012

    There are plenty of people who will vote for Trump who will never admit it publicly – primarily because on a personal level they don't actually like him, but see Hillary as being even worse politically.

  • Ron Takabuda

    Try not to make country disappeared, instead of making great ,just in case,what DJT says again and again.
    ps.personal views,Thanks.

  • David A

    IT is Brexit all over again, the media is lying about the polls, and they are trying to shove hillary down everyone's throat.
    Just get out and vote…
    Trump will win.