Those 7 Times Christopher Hitchens Nailed Everything

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Attention: Hitchslap impact imminent! Articulate, brutally honest, and never afraid of a dangerous idea, Christopher Hitchens was a true intellectual maverick. Here are seven of his more memorable moments that stood out to me.

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  • …………………1

    only 7?

  • Estel •

    Was recommended to watch this by a notification. No doubt there are tons of fanboy admirers in the comments.

  • Keymo tha Author Dude

    I believe in God, and I love Christopher Hitchens.

  • datdamncj

    God is so real

  • Jay cee

    What did he prove….nothing….he was just making talk…..I just saw this video… did nothing for me…it didn't convince me of anything…other then a man his own personal point of view  on his belief…etc……what he said his from his personal opinion…….so what makes him so good…..enlighten me…..

  • yglock

    Hell must be a fantastic place when you can meet Hitchens, George Carlin, Einstein, Hemingway or Sigmund Freud there!

  • Krobbkag Destroyer Of Worlds

    The world is a darker place without you Hitch.

  • stewart william

    Suffice to say, I find religion and its advocates the ultimate examples of hypocrisy and self-indulgent corruption. eg: They would, no doubt, argue that a person who does not believe in a god or is bad, by default, sells his soul to a Devil. But what are they but equally mercenary, to give their soul to a suspect-God for a seat in heaven. Indeed to observe, two sides of the same mercenary-coin and each, like Judas, evident, ''has their price'', and all is negotiable ?!?! How revealing of the psychological motivation for such comical endings.
    Whereas the Atheist inclines only to ''Freedom'': NOT subservience to either imagined entity: Albeit, his position is, NON-NEGOTIABLE …. Who indeed, the more honourable!

  • Bodmerocity

    I mean, as much as I enjoy watching Christopher Hitchens wreck kids, this channel really shouldn't be called ScienceNET.

  • Dany Avila

    when Hitch died, humanity lost part of its brain…….

  • P Sun

    No one asked me, but I'm just going to share my story in hopes that it might help someone out there…

    I was a theist (born again Christian) for the first 30 years of my life. Thoroughly indoctrinated, followed all the preachings that I reasonably could (mostly out of fear), believed every bit of the teachings blindly, voted Republican because I was made to believe "we" were moral, detested anything that went against what I had been taught (evolution, age of the earth, formation of the universe, fallacies of the bible, etc.), and now, at the age of 33, I am happy to say that I am a steadfast atheist, and looking back now, I can see just how silly, credulous, unintelligent, and just totally ignorant of a person that I was, and I'm just filled with shame at that person I used to be.

    Looking back, I can see just how difficult and incredibly unlikely it is for someone to actually break free from the chains of religious indoctrination, and for anyone out there that is just in their beginning phases of skepticism, the only thing I can tell you is to just keep at it.

    Keep being skeptical, keep thinking critically, and keep questioning all of these faith based claims that have been preached to you. It's incredibly difficult to undo years, or decades of being taught to think a certain way, but just keep asking questions, and searching out answers, and you will eventually find your path out of the bondage of religion, and to intellectual freedom and moral responsibility.

    The journey is long, and arduous, but breaking free and claiming your freedom is one of the most rewarding endeavors you could ever want to experience.

  • Derek Martin

    as usual the Hitch commands.

  • Jay Quintana

    I wish Hitch were still here for many reasons, but near the top is the "new one" he'd tear on Trump on a daily basis.

  • Joshua Adams

    Hitch > God(s)