The Venus Project On Fox News 7

Jacque Fresco releases his ideas to the mainstream media.

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  • AGTRigorMortis “AGTRigorMortis”

    Only unregulated capitalism advocating nut jobs like Stefan Molyneux and misinformed people claim RBE is impractical.
    The way we're doing things now aren't practical, they're stupid and they enforce greed and selfishness on an imprecedented scale

  • Bukaloom

    If anyone is interested in how much longer the economic system can sustained, please look up the video below. Dr. Meadows is one of the few academics willing to bluntly speak out on the eventual consequences of our folly.

    'Dr. Dennis Meadows: Strategies for Success in a World with Limits'

  • moosefactory133

    I love the building designs

  • Thomas J. Damario

    For all of the unread people below: Communism does not utilize a monetary economic system, it too, is based on the fair distribution of resources. The Venus Project has borrowed many of it's concepts from communism. The way I see it is Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels diagnosed the world's problems and Jacque Fresco solved them.

  • ViNcEnT RoSs

    Of course idiots will compare it to communism. Both systems are based on meeting human needs, thus they will share similarities.

  • Armen Armus

    Nice release. But I think that you forgot to mention about a more important TVP's offer besides new designed technologies by Jaque Fresco. Without another way of thinking nothing will dramatically and basically transform.
    TVP or RBE (Resource Based Economy), primarily, is another way of thinking.

  • Mitch Bracey

    "no Communism, no capitalism, just people sharing everything"

    Sounds much more like communism without the government. INB4 impossible.

  • QuidQuoPro

    Why go to there website..? Why not The Venus Project's website? Stupid Fox news..

  • Hiho Hiho

    You fail to see the problem, the problem is you, the human race. You are too stupid, and emotions programmed into your skull destroyed everything, you arent capable of those capabilities. Trying to find peace will never be accomplished, because you are designed to want power, greed, jealousy, all those emotions and environments today make you into what you are. Fighting against how you are created is impossible. Static programming cant be beaten

    You ruined earth, now live with it and stop complaining. Fuck your goverments, fuck your leaders, i spit on you all. You are less than me, and I look down on you, to me you are just virtual programmed memory. Maybe one day you will understand the concept of what you are

  • Claudio Jofre
  • Pablo Contreras

    IT'S NOT SHARING EVERYTHING!! it's "everybody has access to the  resources! " fuck you fox!