The Venus Project – Future By Design – Full documentary

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  • Joshua Dressler

    What if money didn't exist?
    Please check out our Facebook page to discuss the moneyless approach.

  • Manuel Camelo

    You know.. the saddest thing is that the Dear Jacque Fresco will die without seeing a better world. This actual society which we live now, is completely insane. People are crazy, people kill and sell's their morality for… for a PAPER.
    And we all have the courage to ask ourselves of why Aliens doesn't want to meet us?

  • Darren Michael Gregory

    “Every time you try and fail,
    Every time your hope gets stuck in the deeps,
    And you wonder just how you'd get through the sail-
    Don't forget that underneath your pain,
    Is an anchor of great strength and fortitude
    Keep digging until you find it…
    And when you do,
    ― Chinonye J. Chidolue

  • razvanon

    look at the outtakes i've upload on my instagram !

  • Dee Norbert (Norbi)

    46:54 Elon Musk hyperloop project.

  • Sonny Moon

    Like Jacque says, we do not have the do anything because the Governments will overthrow themselves. That is an answer to the idea we must fight against something.

  • Sonny Moon

    The ending is particularly encapturing and then that music just makes the whole thing come together it feels.

  • New world

    I want to help am a doctor and a pharmacist I want to help what should I do.


    The Venus Project – Future By Design – Full documentary

  • Leccross Assis

    If one percent of population were like this guy , i think it would be enough to change the face of the planet .