The Venus Project — City Concept

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  • Hootowl54

    Sorry, I can't live without baseball. :)

  • Marko Novak

    How many people would live in each city?

  • Marko Novak

    How many people would live in each city?

  • Robert J

    Almost identical to EPCOT (original Walt DIsney plan). Uncannily so.

  • Angie2343

    Walt Disney himself would be proud.

  • Sam Lazarev

    The radial design, the subways going in a radius, and the center in the middle is in Moscow.

  • Yude Jalilie

    Yeah, I'm an economist and it is exactly as you say, the only reason why there is so much wasting is because of cost efficiency so recycling is not an option for the sake of the economy. Besides, there is also something called Programmed of Planned Obsolescence which is a policy in industrial designing for products to be useful only for a limited amount of time. So they become obsolete after 1, 2, 5 or 10 years (corporations set the limit) so that people buy new products constantly, pretty sad.

  • SophistAssassin

    The economic calculation problem was developed in a time where the internet was unforeseen. It is outdated and inapplicable. Mises admitted himself that a steady state economy was, in fact, conceivable. Another economic argument that is related and likewise outdated, and pertinent to the plausibility of resource allocation, is the tragedy of the commons. It was not an empirical finding, but a speculative one. Elinor Ostrom won the nobel prize in economics for an empirical critique of the issue.

  • SophistAssassin

    TZM and TVP split on the donation issue, if you had bothered to look into it. TVP believed it was important to produce a motion picture to hit theaters in order to get the ideas out to a wider audience, and requested donations on that basis. TZM refused to promote the idea, and it led to a split. Same RBE idea, independent groups.

    The computers role is allocation by demand, not legal governance. And it's not singular, but community based with inventory tracked via networking between communities

  • Jay Jinn

    It's a good argument that better cities are necessary for saving humanity from the environmental catastrophe that is happening and continuously getting worse.

  • Franciszek Skoryna

    It´s like the original EPCOT project plan than Disney conceived!!

  • HunterProductions2

    This looks a lot like Walt Disney's original plans for EPCOT.

  • Alan Bronfman

    The Venus Project ZGM is a scam to get ppl to donate money. It follows Marx idea to pandering to ppl by playing off of there dislike of capitalism and doom and gloom of the end things. If anyone dare ask the details, the pretend to be insulted by your arrogance.
    The magic authoritarian computer has no explainable software (40 years and no code written yet).
    It's a scam for donations and to get support from unthinking good willed ppl.
    Debunked in 1920 watch?v=b7zzH8ruLDc The Calculation Debate

  • Angie2343

    He would HAVE LOVED this!

  • Dave Colbert

    Because most people are morons, that's why.

  • Doddle

    I wonder what ? (Jacque Frescos) would say about [Arcology] ….. hmm