The Universe Explained in Under 3 Minutes

While we’re at it we’ll throw in the meaning of life for free.
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  • Joaquin Marti

    All the so called sience and sientists you are calling on is pure crap bro, do your homework before you start teaching people with a bunch of assumptions and hear say B's!!! (Zen Garcia & Rob Skiba, venson555)
    The ww111 you are talking about so much is already in play and is the first of the 3 wars to come, in this first war that we are naming ww111 many billions of people will be slaughtert, than the beast system will come up with the solution and their fake peace, everyone has to obey the beast system and take the mark of the beast,the majority of the people on this earth will take it, surprise surprise, and doing so being damned,
    The second war will be the compleet beast system turning against Israel and almost eliminating them from the face of the earth, the 3th war will be the king of kings coming down to rescue the remnant of Israel and the few left in the nation's who are still without the mark of the beast!!! And that my dear friend are ancient facts, still out there to be found and to be experienced like very valuable treasures!!!

  • Amazing Deep House (1337watchtower)

    music is annoying

  • Ali Alwaely

    make new videos

  • Azzy M

    Sounded like gibberish to me. What was he talking about ?

  • Omni Chaos

    Energy is force, and force requires separation to exist, if separation does not exist, 2 objects cannot "press" or "bump" eachother, meaning force/energy wouldn't exist…. Imagine you are a singular universe, Can you grow? no because there is nothing to grow into, Can you move? no because there is nothing to move over top of or into, Do you have energy within you? no because since you would be a singularity with no separation, there would be no movement/force/energy within you… so was the universe ever singular? if it was than energy was created. if it was nothing, than obviously energy was created after nothing.

  • Angela Smith


  • OZX7S

    Free choice is impossible though, according to the unified theory. Free will is an illusion.

  • Rainer Scott

    All in all? you aren't REMOTELY as smart as you think you are, "stormcloudsgathering", you conceited f***.

  • Rainer Scott

    Let's just be clear;

    just as there is our unique human intelligence – bequeathed by our highly developed neo-cortex – self-awareness, conscious memory – there is also our unique human stupidity, which we call "evil".

  • Rainer Scott

    Einstein? EINSTEIN?

    St. Einstein?

    The fraud?

    Whose maths were written out by his first (Serbian) wife?

    So, "Stormcloudsgathering" – you've proved you are also just another fraud.

    You utter PRICK!

    You utter WANKER!

  • Rainer Scott

    "Singularity" is a word coined for a mathematical expression or equation for which the solution is ∞ (infinity), and such equations are useless in both pure and applied maths.

    The solution for equations formulated to calculate the density of matter at the centre of galaxies, based on our "knowledge" of matter, was ∞, a singularity, hence the word itself was applied to this alleged physical reality, AKA the "black hole".

    It's actually horse-shit.

    What else can you call the "science" which has to conjure an invisible, undetectable "cold dark matter" to add the necessary mass needed to create a "gravitational field" strong enough to hold galaxies together against their spin, after said "science" discovers that over 99% of the actual matter needed to do so is missing?

    Edit >> just remember that this "cold dark matter", according to "cosmologists", is both massless AND able to create a "gravitational field". Amazing stuff, just like Tinkerbell's fairy-dust.

  • mansour Khatib-Shahidi

    why speak so fast as if you are chased

  • Ken Rudd

    god god god