The TRUTH Revealed In Massive New Wikileaks Dump!

The TRUTH Revealed In Massive New Wikileaks Dump!

The Podesta emails expose a series of private speeches and conversations in which Hillary Clinton comments on the fossil fuel industry, big banks, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Lee highlights the details of the tapes and explains how Clinton’s current approach to trade allies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia is dangerous. How do these conversations contradict Clinton’s current platform? Was there a reason why she wouldn’t release the transcripts of these speeches? Lee Camp explains it all on Redacted Tonight.

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  • Cromulant Comments

    so sad without a laugh track. sad lonely russian agent guy.

  • Under the Big Oak

    Get a haircut ya hippie.

  • Alice Wonderland

    I love you but please learn how to pronounce Qatar It's not "Cutter".

  • Oh Lawd

    Hillary Clinton sucks… : (

  • Theodore Rule of Law

    Yes, the banks should regulate themselves. But theres a big difference between what is, and what should be…

  • wasabimanic

    T shirt —————BLEACH BIT ch

  • wasabimanic

    I thought this guy was Rocking Mr E.

  • gotem nigah

    lose tha jokes it's not working. …sound like new rules on bill Maher

  • A Hernandez

    hiLIARy for prison 2016, No more lies and corruption, End the Fed, Drain the swamp TRUMP 2016!

  • Jamesadeth

    End the corruption, Trump 2016!

  • Mercurious Magus

    Real journalism. Unlike Infowars which is 100% pro-Trump.


    lol i think 9 of the 11 people that came forward were debunked as bullshit against trump. I have no doubt that the rest will be the same way. Not to mention the porn star that was offered 10k to fuck trump but didn't? That's the largest RED flag i've ever heard about.

  • Tim Franklin

    time to go thru all the emails and find out all the people who are involved.

  • Du Fon Cheng

    Trump try to take job from CHINA and return to lazy American !! ALL Trump supporter belong jail !

  • wColonialBoy

    Just found (& subbed) you.
    Thank you for, and please keep up, the good work sir.


  • James Hall

    Watch "origins of oil" here on youtube

  • Nathan Hedgecoke

    Thank you, WikiLeaks, for making sure transparency stays transparency. I'm sorry, but these paid Soros ass kissers don't understand their daddy can't pay them forever. Emperor Palpatine can't foot your bills so you can smoke meth, crack, whatever.

  • livefree diefighting

    just goes to show with the governments of the world letting criminals out of prison , letting crime spread throughout the world with isis, letting, radical refuges spill over the boarders, and just letting crime run unquestioned everywhere. its all by their plan to destabilize the world and the government coming in to save us all from something they created . and who is paying for it, the taxpayer. they are robbing us blind. to fund their agenda. and this channel redacted tonight with some of its snide comments is playing right into their agenda . from all the comments on this video , everyone is still split on the election..really. its unbelievable how everyone has tunnel vision. and this is why the Clinton's and the 1%ers of the world are getting away with murder…………………………….wake up…….TRUMP 2016…..LIVE FREE DIE FIGHTING

  • Brad Conley

    It's no accident that the mainstream media isn't covering the WikiLeaks news, because most of them are in the tank for Hillary, it's sad and disturbing.