The Truth and Lies of 9-11

Mike Ruppert at Portland State University, Nov. 28, 2001
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  • Nate Emond

    First time I spent the time to watch one of Mr. Ruppert's lectures. He was amazing at explaining things. RIP

  • Ghost_Bear

    Awesome to see people like Michael that were putting themselves out there, shame more people haven't seen this video. The whole country needs to see it.

  • Atlantis Returning

    Thank you Mark Rupert you gave your life for the truth.

  • David Hmadioha

    it's obvious that the CIA are involved in he's demise.

  • Kyle Gifford

    For everyone who thinks he was killed. Watch the vice documentary about him. He talks about suicide a few times. The guy was falling apart. he was still making sense but seemed like he just was tired of living in a world this deranged. If they wanted him dead, it would have happened years ago.

  • H. K.

    The great chessboard – so many Jews involved, but he said the Jews did NOT 911. And what's about the dancing Israelis / Mossad agents / art students and the controled Wallstreet, controled FED, controled banksystem???

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe

    They murdered him, covered up as i suicide, as a warning to anyone who opposes them.

  • Kevin Harris

    Love how he breaks down how the economy REALLY works. How intelligence, government, corporate america, wall street, and organized crime are all in it together.

  • moodmuzik

    they say peak oil is a myth. and he said in 10 years well see and feel the.crunch from peak oil. its 15 years later and oils cheap. so idk.

  • PJ Birks

    This has been coming since Rollerball….

  • EJStormful

    Once Gorbatchow claimed glasnost and perestroika. What means to speak loud and clear, what you think, instead of mechanistic reproduction of gouvernments propaganda. "Let them never make you saying things, you don`t think" , that`s what I think Dostojewsky once wrote. I`m not a russian, but as a west-german with relatives in the eastern sector, I`ve been told, what humiliation it is, to speak in public, what`s total different from your own opinion. It`s a kind of mind rape.
    At the moment thomething goes on in the western countries as well, in a more subtile fashion, but with an equal feeling of being forced to claim in a ideologic wanted manner, despite of your opinion as democratic citizen.
    Maybe as free thinking people with humanistic ideas we should stay together against any oligarchic attempts to manipulate our point of view, to reestablish a real democratic planet, to do the best for the majority of all of us.

  • Obwon Kenobe

    The main reason for intercepts is to protect air traffic in the area. A wayward plane, not responding to instructions from air traffic control endangers all flights in the area.
    The real reason no intercepts were allowed was because, if there were, interceptors flying over NYC and the Pentagon and White House would have seen that there were no planes in a position to strike those locations. Building explosions without planes would have doomed the "New Pearl Harbor" plan and left Bush without a reason to invade.

  • Li Qin

    The US has been hijacked a very long time ago by people which deliberately resigned their humanity thus willing and able to do literally anything in order to fill their own pockets. It's really everything that matters to these monsters.
    "Land of the free, home of the brave" – that's pure mockery and brainwashing. The parasitic monsters laugh at you whenever you chant those words.

    Oil is a racket, perhaps the best one besides money since it's a free product of this world, since nobody can actually do an accurate measurement and provide a relevant evaluation. The destruction of the arab nations is an operation that has nothing to do with oil or money but with the people which control our governments and our armies. Understand them, understand the world events, past, present and future.
    Pay attention, manipulation has many faces!

  • Chinga3000

    WOW !! 1776 Spirit

  • Chinga3000
  • MRQuestionYourMother

    rip sir. Exposed the lies and wit cost him his life. RIP RUPPERT AND WILLIAM COOPER.

  • Fatso Not

    I want to know:

    1. whether he approached any congressmen after that press conference.. did he submit the proof to anyone? what happened?

    2. and if he didn't submit then why not when he was given clear window.