The Truth about School

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Did you ever wonder how it is that kids spend 13 years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for life, yet when they get out they don’t have any real skills?
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  • Amina

    very true.I am graduate student in public policy and I can tell you my course work is to brainwash me to believe privisation,free trade, removing trade unions
    my course books has been signed by Ben Bernanke. I am a socialist N they have really tried yo turn me to a corporate capitalism ,imperialist. we're been engineered to think a certain way

  • That’s a Toilet

    Rather be in jail

  • feather s

    even worse, university is a hassle … pay all this money for what to repeat school in a more detailed picture. fuck this world we are living in and fuck education.. i dont need no fucking education to run my company.

  • Bugs Bunny

    School is a waste of time

  • Nicholas Jhonson

    In my school they teach us how to question things and give us some real life skills. But not all of them :((((((((. Totally would rather do taxes than algebra XDDDDDD

  • YaBoiAndrey

    1:44 george carlin

  • YaBoiAndrey

    00:27 those are literally all electives in my school

  • Superior

    And thats why i didnt go to college all the government wants is money

  • Refugee70s

    Hey no fair! Maybe we can't do anything useful, but we do know about Beowulf and how to dissect a frog. Plus, we know that the FDA and USDA protect us from harmful food and drugs. So when people tell me that GMOs, fluoride and oxycontin are dangerous, I say, "No Way!" My government would NEVER allow anything into the food supply or pharmaceutical market that would be bad for me… right?

  • Youtube for life!! Youtube for life !!

    I am aware of the New World Order.
    I was educated by a smart European Greek Grandpa who took me with him to several European travels and taught me the European cultures.
    I am European as well.

  • Roland Petit

    Civics 101 taught in high school, if taught, is complete disinformation. Once out of school, one has to be retaught the "real deal."

  • Baard Zs

    School is shit
    And students are full of shit
    Their parents are even more full of shit…
    You only graduate to a higher level of contemporary slavery

  • Ashton De Buitléir

    This sums up everything I think about school and it is truth that everyone needs to hear

  • Tony Odougherty

    I dropped out but I've got a good paying job with good benefits and highschool grads work for me lmao I love it when they tell me how important there highschool diploma is lmao