The TPP What You’re Not Being Told

There’s a reason this is being hidden from the public.
Transcript and sources:
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  • Jean Louis Bernard Derude-le-brun

    The TTIP will destroy us ! We need help …

  • Frank Millette

    to will mean that Canada Mexico and USA will be one country their will be no more country seditions that some nonelectric nwo oligarchs will govern over everyone the nwo. vote trump for your kids and grandkids. if u need a reason

  • Maria Burns

    Hillary wants TPP. TRUMP WANTS TO TRASH IT.

  • ualuuanie

    Hah! That is easier said than done. Tried talking to 1 of our politicians on such things might get you a free stay in jail and a force donation from your bank account in a way of fines.

  • Mister X

    Obama reach a new low.

  • CoughingPig

    TPP =   The Pirates Partnership.  Just like a big giant balloon of Monsanto's crookedness globally.  I need another beer right now …..

  • R3formed Man

    Trump 16'

  • Joffrey Lannister

    vote that shit down.

  • Orwit Yuelstein

    SCG, I fucking love you. You remind me that there are others who are aware, and willing to defend and educate others and fight those who strive to keep us down and in line. We are not all distracted, apathetic and ignorant. You are making the world a better place.

  • Latest Economic Trends

    I made a video about the benefits and risks, also from a Japanese perspective. It's going to be uploaded to my channel in a couple of hours. You should check it out.

  • Ian Taylor

    NOOOO.. global corporations only want to give you hugs.

  • Tran Nguyen Thien Hien Louielamson

    Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is disaster for American workers-American Labors Union? Who will benefit for 2016 President campaign? Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Who is Author Gave Birth TPP? Obama and Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2013?

  • Bonne Naturel

    'We the people' forgot a long time ago that we are the govt's bosses and we pay them to work for us.

  • R34L157

    I show people this video and others like it. I show transcripts from multiple sources. I discuss the reasons why the media isn't showing demonstrations by citizens all over the world against the TPP..and I am doing it in vein. They just don't care. TPP, CFR, Wikileaks, Snowden, pretext for various conflicts..everything!!! they just don't care, because they don't think it will affect them. They have their own lives to worry about.

    We must fight the apathy as well as spread the message. It is too late to fight back when the game is over.

  • Kaiserlicher “Gott” König

    what about TTIP

  • Renae Pearl

    new Zealands so called Prime Minister sign the TPP ! today I'm very fucking Angry

  • Jim Reaper

    Im from New Zealand, our prime minister laughed at Tpp protesters on televison saying " these "idiots dont even know what they are protesting about". The protest in questions whole point was that it was being done in secret and that citizens are not being informed enough to make any decisions etc.. This is how cynical it is. Our right wing Govt has said that it will go through regardless of how the population feels about it. They are not even pretending to be democratic in the slightest. Only the media continues that pretense. New Zealand is not "clean,green and beautiful" like our advertising tells you. It is a polluted, dirty duopoly dictatorship like all other western countries. Do not come here! Do not buy our products. Let it all burn. The poor already have nothing flammable left that hasnt been sold to buy food or medicine. The poor know how to survive with nothing. The rich do not. Burn it all to the fucking ground…!!!

  • 336 Novi Luminis

    Very nice job, well done! Please keep informing the people about the TPP! I hope that people will stand against it and protest!