The Terrifying Future of The United States

If this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.
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NDAA 2013 passes with indefinite detention still intact

The Patriot Act

Obama extends Patriot Act:

Widespread abuse of patriot act:

Obama tries to hide information regarding rape and sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib:

Obama’s kill list:

FBI finalizing its NGI Biometrics Database:

Biometrics at departures:

People placed on no-fly list for political reasons:

Drones used to hunt Dorner:

Dorner fire set intentionally:
The police finally admit it:

Leaked Document: Government setting up military detention centers for Activists:

FBI Murdered Todashev execution style:

Senator Coburn points out the DHS “zombie” training exercise as wasteful:

But if you actually watch it it’s much more disturbing:

Yes this really happened (details about the exercise):

Police admit Dorner fire was set on purpose:

DHS buying billions of bullets (links to some of the purchase orders):
450 million rounds purchased by DHS earlier this year:

Purchase order for additional 750 million rounds of ammunition

DHS buys even more bullets:

Iris scanning from a distance:

Biometrics checks at border… Already in place for immigrants entering, now to be added for exits.

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  • Marty smith

    Militarized police?

    What is the difference between an aggregate police force under rule only of the suspect federal government, (which Obama wants to set up) and a state or municipal police force who is better trained and armed than other police forces? (as the Ferguson PD used to be)

    You are aware of a problem, but seemingly completely unaware of any realistic solution with this old video.

  • Anonymous Resistance Movement

    What are you going to say to your children when they ask you what you did when this happened??????

  • Orlando Rossano

    all this is for the new world order when they will take billions of Americans and throw them into concentration camp and kill millions because of the population….that's why there have been many fake shootings….just so they can pass the law where we can't have no guns

  • Thomas James

    Islamophobia, I love that word. Religion does not matter since they are all false. False in the sense of logos (Greek word, look into it). Followers of religion are misled just like everything in this world are by various leaders (aka orators, rhetoricians). Reality- large cartels battle each other for land, resources, & power (aka control of people) and use various types of propaganda such as (but not limited to): race, religion, nationalism, social views, and classism. Good luck everyone.

  • David Levy

    just obey and don't break the law and you will be fine.

  • Lea Beckman

    We need better and safer government and need Native American president

  • An.William Hoang

    This is another conspiracy theory on the internet to spread propaganda. Many of these videos are just bullshit.

  • Alba gu brath

    Fascist state

  • Timothy Dyck

    At 4:49 Aaron says that the no-fly list is secretive. However, you can find the names on the no-fly list here:

  • James Creekmore

    Music makes me want to play mgs 1….

  • A.K. A.

    Please stop playing the music in the background. I like the information, but the music makes it too hard to watch… sorry.

  • Tonahuac Theonewhocarriesthelight

    Sorry, I could not keep watching my ears hurt.

  • Edwin

    it has to happen tho. it is prophesied in revelation as the new world order.

  • Nono Smith (DeputyFestus)

    This needs a bump.

  • Claudio Il Forte

    by the way the heat ray and sound tanks are not made for war but for riot control check those new us weapons and the new gun that blinds the t target …and tell me does this go in war zone or civil unrest ?

  • Claudio Il Forte

    judge dred movie comes to mind lol

  • jagex troll

    United states enforcement infrastructure includes: border patrol/army for land border security tsa/coast guard for entry security nsa for mass survelliance army for counter revolt Dhs for anti riot and emergency enforcement fbi used for secret police and special tactics and cia for ground Intel as well as mercs for circumvents of constitution and causing chaos with corparations spreading propaganda with secret service as area guard and bodyguard as you can see brutal surface not free

  • Surud Patel

    People of third world countries never really had any chance to be progressive due to corrupted forms of Government. US is in reverse gear in that it was a great nation until Politicians / Corporations / Banks formed a corrupt system while the people slept.

  • a. banks.

    Looking in your description box, I can't believe, this was reported three years ago by your channel. Now look how far they have come? America, truly stands at the precipice…

  • Jock Doubleday

    "The Terrifying Future of the United States of Rothschild."