The Sun Is Very Big – Deek Jackson

The Sun Is Very Big - Deek Jackson

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  • Maximvs Dread

    Well, they just closed the last of the coal plants in New Hampshire. I don't buy the manmande warming poppycock but, I know coal creates acid rain and that kills amphibians of which we have very little left so, maby they'll come back now. Would be nice. I haven't seen a Bullfrog around here in years.

  • Hercules Rockefeller

    Go find your own cave, this ones taken

  • Nick Yaya NDeath17

    Brilliant my friends….. Crisp anyone?

  • ObiKanaka

    How big is the sun? Man may never know. We have three toasted astronauts with a melted ruler though.

  • Walter Scott

    Geoengineering. Do the research.

  • Yankee Bravo

    We're screwed.

  • ☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤

    What 5 cunts seriously disliked this video?

  • Yixal Freeman

    As someone who has a close connection to Terra, it IS GEOENGINEERING that is fucking the climate at the moment. I watched the sun set into a BROWN HAZE on a CLOUDLESS DAY yesterday. There has NEVER been such a horrible sky over Athens, because Greece is not an industrial country, thus there couldn't be so much smog generated by cars or industry.

    This is CHEMTRAIL GENERATED SMOG. All so that they can come in and SAVE US from global warming, by completely fucking whatever modicum of freedom and individuality that we have. All for the sake of "the collective". And as things go right now, all I see as a potential is people buying the bullshit and systematically killing off ALL intellectuals who disagree, probably by accusing them to be "terrorists" or "enemies of the people" or even Earth herself (this last argument would be the epitome of EVIL). The result? A cleansing of all remaining opposition, leaving only the willful slaves behind. Idiots who let themselves be fooled into giving up their own SELFHOOD away, merging with the global tribe and losing their identity in the HIVE.

    Global Village, here we come! We are all one, we are all equal(ly miserable)!

  • DrKrapulax

    "irreversible warming of the planet" – ROTFL

  • UNIDEN2211

    That was great jazz set, thanks

  • Chloe Stevens

    OMG! Who do I pay? Geo engineering fuck up! Who do I pay to fix it? Carbon Tax. That's it. Take our cash please. I lost my home, my car, I'm living in the park. Please let me pay you to fix those geo engineering fuck ups! Dirty rotten asshole cunts!!!!!

  • KingTingRolloTong

    Generally a fan of the humor parts but Deek Jackson, this is where you go off into LaLaLand when you always remind us of "It's your fault, the planets fucked" and anthropomorphic global warming is real. The science is NOT settled! CO2 is with 400 parts per million such a small factor. And secondly think of how lush plant growth was in eras where the percentage of CO2 in air was much higher. Little hint, plants eat that stuff ;)

  • Richard Llewellyn

    Meanwhile the US has smuggled a tactical nuke through Turkey into Syria, as the State departments 52 zionist neo-cons call for a strike against the government forces to topple the Assad regime…yea its hot allright.

  • Cognitive Love

    Please learn the truth.