The Psychology of Authority

What percentage of people would obey if they were ordered to commit murder? The answer might surprise you.
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  • austin thomas

    Look in the mirror for leadership….not to meglomaniac politicians….

  • taushif hayder

    We are limited creatures by default, so how do we know what is moral or amoral?

  • Refugee70s

    Reminiscent of Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment

  • Staats Exploration

    What? I can't hear you! Your background music is too loud!

  • Nostradamus

    loud dramatic music over very very well established history omg!!!! rather…. ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy god. Yeah I learned this in college but not via dramatic music?!?!?! mind blown lol

  • Twisted Flames

    I don't know why people are saying turn down music, sounds just fine to me

  • Belly Boy

    Kinda like a mall cop

  • The Big Joe

    as a person with master's degree in psychology I must warn all of you against blindly trusting such sensational claims (in the 60s they were sensational anyway), Milgram's experiment was dehoaxed long time ago:
    of participants indeed gave lethal shocks, but only in one group (36/40 per group, from 700 people in whole sample), there were many groups in which no one agreed to continue with the experiment.
    Author of this video either didn't check the fact or deliberately put out demagogic information in order to gain more views. It's a shame really, because this channel showed a lot of promisse.

  • Liber Tarian

    The subjects were being paid to do it.

  • atwaterpub

    "I love Big Brother." – Mr. Atwater

  • Malaki Jones

    do they know they're being video recorded, May effect the outcome. some people would see the camera as showing others that they are not following orders and the others would react negatively people are afraid of being outed by groups watching their actions so they do what they feel will keep others from judging them negatively

  • whatisit1326
  • Anthony Townsend

    Why do people always have to put loud dramatic music over dialogue so one can hardly hear what the person is saying?  A lot of otherwise very good videos are spoiled by this on Youtube.

  • olav19965

    we should learn about this in school.

  • Narednik Majka

    Well, this raises the question of human free will.

  • All Total Coaching

    This is massive

  • Terence Donegan

    Authority is only a concept…