The Pat Tillman Conspiracy w/ Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert (the late Collapse) shares his findings on the death of Pat Tillman, and how the football player came to be killed on the battlefield, the ensuing cover-up and how the silver star was awarded to him posthumously from the White House.

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  • dipasasky

    He finally realized that he was betrayed by his own government. He was supposed to meet with noam Chomsky and talk about his disillusionment with the war . The government couldn't let that happen . His story was getting other young Americans to enlist . If he came out as a anti-war activists.There goes young kids going off to war to help the military industrial complex. He was silenced before that was able to happen IPO !!!!!

  • Ganruut123

    theres no conspiracy. he was shot at close range with an american weapon. the autopsy report confirms it. which mostly means he was silenced by his own side

  • Chris Weinert

    Tillman told Dave McGuiness that everything about the war on terror was propaganda bullshit. he was deployed within 3 weeks & killed during this tour.

  • Nate Sinadinovic

    Pat Tillman was murdered as Pat discovered the Truth in Afghanistan and wrote back to his family in the U.S.A, Pat was going to expose the military industrial complex, this was not allowed to happen and Pat was killed off. It's sad that this man left a 2.4 million dollar contract to serve his country and this is how it ended.



  • James Osborne

    Your a LOSER .. Pat Tillman was a hero that the government conspiracy to kill him and keep him quiet was finally exposed and you sound like a total idiot as well as look like an idiot!

  • Saul Romero

    Pat Tillman was exposing the truth about the operations they was doing and the cover ups.

  • Sam Awada

    Isreal bush zionism isis saudia arabia dick chaney c
    Ronald rumsfield and the rest of the jew lobby should fry in hell

  • Saku19

    And a little over a year later, would later commit "suicide"….

  • Richard Williams

    Fight it with free enterprize …free all drugs for sale let people od the good will survive

  • Peter Connelly

    Fuck you asshole. Pat Tillman waving the flag? Let's see any of the ghetto fabulous primadonnas of today's professional sports give up millions of dollars to go, "wave the flag" as you say. They won't. Do you know why, because many of them are anti-American son's of bitches who would rather wear shirts that read, "hands up, don't shoot" and live the life of bling and bitches while we kiss their asses. Pat Tillman's sacrifice would be like giving up the ring of Gyges, and and most American's are too self absorbed and materialistic to ever be able to do it. Your callous and flippant rendition of the events leading up to Pat Tillman's death shows your true colors. You are an asshole!

  • redrum41987

    Who ordered the code red on Tillman?