The Paris Attacks Are Just The Beginning

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  • Thomas Yellich

    Behind all of this is the NWO Jews in America and Israel.

  • Ali Alwaely

    upload new videos

  • Drexxler 1

    Hey if you came back and starting making videos again I would support your channel financially. Great, well thought out videos.

  • Drexxler 1

    I guess you nailed it. Although it wouldn't have taken a genius to figure it out. There have been atleast 200 reported terrorist incidents since France.

  • Third Position

    Retarded conslusion. So the #FarLeft Marxists who want to destroy European societies are secret 'Fascists' who are just cucking a country to incite it to vote Front National; an anti-interventionist, Anti-Americanization, pro homogeneous party that will restore Order and stop globalism? Protip: SCG: Us so called 'Fascists' are the ones who will save Europe from the FarLeft. Because according to you, we should just keep voting the same FarLeft Marxists and Zionist Cuckservatives who got us into this mess in the first place. No thanks. I choose 1488. #EuropaFirst

  • hailstorm guy

    so is was not responsible for paris attacks , then who did it?

  • hongry life

    So the Nato Paris(h) put in a new terrorist group called Isis in the arena and can't handle the monster they created any more?
    What if it doesn't exist or doesn't exist as they tell us and all we read in media is fantasy writing and we never get to know the truth any more?

  • hongry life

    What happened to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah and all the other groups?
    All transformed into the Greco-Roman world goddess Isis?

  • P Sherman WallabyTankGaming

    So it another gathering storm for Europe and USA. Anyway keep up your great work.

  • the scavenger

    I had a feeling I'd come back to this video. The attacks are far too common at this moment.

  • Wah Wee

    Dude more videos please!

  • lilmonster90210

    So basically France government asked ISIS to bomb them? so they could further invade syria?