The Most Shocking 1.5 Min Video the World Must See!

World’s #1 Polluter Isn’t What You Think.
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  • Wildlife Planet

    and without meat we would have been dumb as cows. Stop meat hating.

  • lindakreporting

    thant's why i am a vegetarian. That and the crue;ly

  • Flamingpaper

    It's only about 15%, and it has been proven that fossil fuels are the biggest polluter

  • Colox Music

    The documentary is probably made by some die hard vegans that want everyone to go vegan

  • Osler Ulloa

    Hola, me gustaría ayudar a difundir la información en español, si es posible.

  • Chris Lockhart Smith

    While very sympathetic to the sentiment, the video leaves itself open to criticism by simplistic in the comparison between CO2 and CH4 (methane). The standard comparison is made over a 100-year lifespan, which equates methane as being 21X more potent than CO2. It is this lag effect of CO2 that is so potentially dangerous for climate change. Even if we stop all CO2 emissions those already in the atmosphere guarantee a continued warming effect for some time. That is not to say that methane is not a very serious issue, perhaps even catastrophic, if the methane currently locked under the tundra is released.
    Personally, I think a 100-year comparison is flawed and a 50-year comparison would be more useful since if we don't fix the problem well within the next 50 years, we are in deep s**t, and not just cow s**t.

  • Neha yadav

    I am from India…one of the most populous country… and I am like most of Indian is Vegetarian.
    Now watching this small video makes me thank millions of people who opt for veg food.

  • Tyler Whitney V -Wisdom Practitioner


  • MiauFrito

    I suggest switching the thumbnail for something like the image at 0:30, or something that says "51% of Greenhouse Gases are Caused by Animal Farming" or "Eating Plants vs Eating Animals" and change the title to be what's currently on the thumbnail "What is the World's Largest Polluter?"

  • Cm Justice
  • Rabigail Tan

    I don't understand the fact that we loose 100 species everyday

  • David Dougherty

    This made me so hungry went to the grocery store and bought up roughly 10lbs of meat to eat for the day. Forgot how many gallons of water it takes to make a lb of beef but it is well worth it. If cows make that much greenhouse gasses I'm going to eat more beef because I hate the winter, lets warm this earth up. I'm kidding, I don't believe in global warming. #NoVeggies #VeggiesAreForMyFood #VeggiesWhatMyFoodEats