The Mike Brown Shooting What You’re Not Being Told

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  • Brad Cuff

    You people need to check out the video that just surfaced of "The Gentle Giant". It will show there's nothing gentle about him.

  • Megan Burnette

    justice for Michael brown jr

  • Megan Burnette

    justice for Michael brown jr


    It's been two years and the Black Morons Movement have never been more exposed than they ever have been before especially with history repeating itself with black people looting,destroying and attacking white people on the streets. Black lives only matter as it gives you an excuse to commit crimes in the form of an angry mob.

  • adt2828ify

    Im an idiot bc i said obey authority and you will go home? I hate cops and have had a hun drawn on me in a mistaken identity by the cops. If realizing that obeying cops is your best chnnce of going home makes me an idiot then wtf are all the people who refuse to obey them and get killed bc of it?

  • Bob Smith

    White people > monkeys

  • Robert Miller

    stfu idiot

  • SeeingThrough BleachedActions

    Dorian is saying what happen, like he is seeing it in his mind.  unrehearsed!

  • Micaiah Howard


  • TooMuchDoom Jt

    Propaganda Propaganda!!!

  • Gerry and Doris Riffenburg

    hey niggers what do you think you can do if your told to halt like do you understand english or are you stupid stop or you get shot whether you have a gun or not you stupid assholes

  • Jackie Lee Wei

    rip bitch

  • FrostedFlokey 333

    we have been duped by the money makers again. they have us divided. … the police will kill blacks or whites who fail to raise their hands. as soon as the black community gets itself some leadership that includes whites in its plight, perhaps you ll make some inroads. and i dont mean these little white ass fem bots … blm is a sham. any sane person knows we are all in for some serious suffering in the fast approaching future. together we can perhaps hold our ground… the cops represent the power brokers first and foremost. .. they bully white people as much as brown, black… we just raise our hands quicker…. peace to all and united we stand..

  • david doroteo

    You should have waited to make this vid after the forensic reports on this case were released. It proves that Brown did in fact try to reach for his weapon while he was inside the car. There was also a dent on the driver side of the door, which Brown clearly made when he punched him and reached for his weapon.
    Reporting and jumping to conclusions creates the wrong message.

  • david doroteo

    Xendrious brought me here.