The Kelly File 10/21/16 W Megyn Kelly new wikileaks emails released

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The Kelly File 10/21/16
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  • Valkyrie Sardo

    Trump has never called "us" sexist names. Speak for yourself, Megyn. If you want to walk a mile to take offense that's your problem.

  • lahkidd

    McCaine – Pailan NOW Trump-Pence WTF is happening with the republican party?

  • k r

    why is anyone watching megan? don't you remember the first debate? I guess she has changed her position before she loses all of her followers

  • One Wind

    This entire election has been a dream for Megyn Kelly. She is a dog, just like Trump and she is just as vicious and competitive as he is. Add Ted Cruz, Mark Cuban, Bill Clinton ( and there is Paul Ryan in the 6 day vicinity) to the list of those born the Year of the Dog who are living out their strange sexual compunctions, vicious vitriol and unrivaled competitiveness.

  • Christopher Norris

    Lol. I thought this was The Onion Network when she said Clinton was in the lead. Then I realized its one of these PoS network working for her.

  • Brenda Waynick

    Obama didn't win those elections; they were given to him, just like this election will be given to Hillary, unless God steps in and Trump wins by a miracle. We love Trump!!!

  • David Fisher

    I can't watch these false intellectual sycophants anymore its amazing how blind stupid they are.

  • john hammer


  • Matt Carafa

    Ever single time any of these so called expert pundits have made a claim about Trump not winning, they have been wrong. They should stfu. All just to push thier "narrative" (propaganda) that is hopeless for Trump so don't bother voting,we'll guess what, we are not buying your crape- so shove it up your ace jack. And funny michelle Obama, you and potus hang out with Jay-Z, who raps about pimping hoes,selling drugs,and shooting people….. you should also STFU- stop spending tax payers money stumping for the criminal

  • A.R. ZAREH

    Donald Trumps WINS… !

  • Gallo sky

    when i watched that supper with all the billionaires it was disgusting how they fed on all the negativity. The more derogatory remarks that were made the more they loved it. It was like food to them. I don’t think they ate any real food at that supper but fed on nasty derogatory evil luciferian remarks. TRUTH TELLER TRUMP WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS TELLING THE TRUTH.