The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco (subs) – The Venus Project

The Venus Project, Jacque Fresco – Talk in Stockholm, 2010

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  • Tom lol

    the guy is a legend. we need more visionaries like him in the world

  • razvanon

    look at the outtakes i've upload on my instagram !

  • Alan Berry


  • Vass Bass

    curious about a discussion between this guy and slavoj zižek

  • Diego Torres

    Better say, your are extensionality to me <3

  • Diego Torres

    To all people here supporting TVP, I love you guys, tyvm for the effort

  • KD Churchill

    With the greatest respect and love for the human potential. Social change little by little by little. Festivals, art, social media, conversations each day, personal and global suffering that causes desires for new solutions. Little by little self-driving cars, little by little self-employed solutions airbnb, uber, little by little self-directed non-profit communities, little by little more plant medicines are ingested, little by little each lawyer, each policeman, each dr, each politician, each businessman comes to personal knowledge of how to direct their gifts towards the benefit of all mankind rather than preserving ones own personal survival.

    In our lifetime may the first resource based economy city be built, as our ancestors left us cities may we improve and create better holistic living organism cities for the next round of humans which very likely could be all of us as we are living longer and becoming more and more bionic, cyborg, immortal beings.

  • The Riddler


  • TheRickestDavid


  • Bukaloom

    Please look up the video below if you are curious as to how much longer we have until a social collapse. Dr. Meadows is one of the few academics willing point out the need for drastic social change.

    'Dr. Dennis Meadows: Strategies for Success in a World with Limits'

  • Munteanu Sylver Robert

    His 100 Years old, crazy!!!