The Gaza Bombardment – What You’re Not Being Told

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told

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  • kevin shayo


  • Na Lu

    the last woman speaking made me question when did humanity lost from her soul? what had happened to her? did his father raped her and killed her mother in front of her when she was a child that when she grew up she could easily say to people she wanted to see the whole city being cleaned up watching dying mothers and babies crunched by rudals? maybe her uncle raped her too and dragged her around that bloody-damned zion society.

  • Fnidner

    The journalist at the end was from Denmark! Woo! I could hear from her accent right away. I love how she's baffled that a normal looking woman could say such horrible horrible things that this Israeli woman does.

  • TrollDragomir

    Too bad the real cancer of the world – zionists live mostly in and operate from America…


    the Geneva conversation lists any military that attacks, bombs or primarily targets any civilian population is commiting a crime against humanity. So why does the U.N stand idol while this crime is flagrantly being committed? Because they are a bunch of overpaid burocratic fatass pussies with no balls to put their money where their mouths are. kinda like Rwanda. send troops to observe a massacre. Stupid Fucking Smoke and Mirrors Bullshit.

  • Ryan Soe

    god bless israel.

  • Scott Lindrum

    Hitler was just a few million short to end all the world's problems and wars. Before and After WW2 the brits gave the land to the kykes, all war is really are the fault of the Filthy Jews. They recived the wrath of god for turning Jesus in to the Romans. They will allways be punished for this treason. Jews are the lowest form of life and should burn in Hell for all eternity.

  • Mike Perry

    gotta feel for the Palestinian people I really hope they can rise above the Israeli thuggery

  • Masau

    U.S.A. gives three to four billion dollars in aid to Israel and then Israel will send a lot of that back to the U.S. in the form of AIPAC money to buy U.S. elections for senators , representatives , and presidents . After all , we want is best for Israel ! Being their friends and all . I am sure the natural gas will profit American oil companies ! The American people seem to be okay with this . Since the people elected are decided upon by their vote and they always vote pro-Israel . Not only do American's support what is happening in Gaza but their are happy to let Israel make the decisions for us .

  • Garrielee Peck

    it's a disgrace the world's government's need to get some bigger bulls and stand up to isreal

  • Haqim Al-Arabia

    the Palestinians need better rockets. Don't forget the 1000s of babies that got killed and the 1000s of women that got raped. It's horrible that these dead babies never had a chance to grow up and kill the zionists.

  • Leon Karchun

    i must ask..
    what was in the land of "plestine" before 48

  • ida snow

    Israel is after the gas.that belongs to Palestinians..

  • Sabrina Gelbart

    Arabs in Israel and (I'm guessing) most Palestinians speak Hebrew

  • Reuven Zalman

    ohh man so much propaganda….. this is such bullshit….and to think that for a sec I almost mistook you for a legit fella

  • Ruben Salcido

    Im going to write this comment in spanish cause i just cant handle the emotion that I felt when seeing those pictures. Pinches sionistas israelitas son cagada, son basura humana no merecen vivir, son un cáncer asqueroso y repulsivo, no son una sociedad, los deberían de matar como los animales que son, a todos, mas aún porque su población civil apoya esto, hijos de mil perras.

  • Verum

    Israelis attack Palestinians because of their HATE toward them (even though Palestinians try to defend themselves, they are branded as terrorists instead of simple citizens trying to push back an invader, which they really are).
    Zionism is all about ethnic superiority, and brainwash of their own kids in schools, so they become like them.
    This – is – disgusting.
    If you are for real JUSTICE and PEACE, you are AGAINST Israel. (at least its current form)

  • Doron Ben Avraham

    What? The hi-tech Israeli army managed to kill 2,000 but in Syria the Arabs, using inferior weapons, have already killed 300,000? Does that make sense?