The Fall of Iraq – What You Aren’t Being Told

Iraq is descending into chaos, but not for the reasons you’re being fed by the politicians and the mainstream media.
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  • Sylvia Lankai

    thanks for the education

  • R E Malm

    … Hmmmmm … nope … I'm not buying it …

  • R E Malm

    GRESHAM'S LAW is a principle of economics that states when debased currency (like a counterfeit or inflated currency) is in circulation along with currencies retaining their full values, those of full value will disappear over time. Simply stated, the phrase "Bad money drives out the good" is an expression of Gresham's Law.

    Gresham's Law has found applications outside economics. For example, successful propaganda and disinformation campaigns have as their objective the driving out of good thought by substituting a circulation of counterfeit thought. If successful, these efforts result in the public discussing the false ideas and largely ignoring the valid ones.

    Using the definitions below can help the observer avoid the pitfalls of Gresham's Law in the matter of TWA Flight 800. Adhering to strict interpretations of the following terms may help the observer avoid the counterfeit ideas which swarm around this topic.

    1. FACT: "A thing known to be true."
    2. PROOF: "A way or means of showing beyond doubt the truth of something."
    3. HYPOTHESIS: "Something assumed because it appears likely to be a true explanation."
    4. GUESS: "To form an opinion without really knowing."
    5. SPECULATION: "(1) The action or process of guessing. (2) The act or fact of taking part in any risky enterprise or transaction."

    (All definitions taken from the 1977 World Book Encyclopedia / emphasis by TWA 800 Case Files) … 😉 …

  • Random girl

    Their dictators all around the world not just Arab nations why us don't attack them oh wait it has to be oil

  • Debbie S

    Protean view spot on ! Whats so shocking too me people are so brain washed they think all the bombing and killing by north America is some kind of football game.Mark my words north America has dug itself into ditch from which their is no escape their out gunned, out played out smarted China Russia Iran India been around long enough tosee this before.

  • Michelangelo Gatti

    Youre noting else but a piece of shit you motthefucking bushlovers!!!!!!!

  • moist faucet

    Thanks to the American………

  • Muhammad Romzy

    Then how do you know what you quoted aren't also a lie? since you seems to claim that they are big liar

  • mainlymusicman

    man your videos are very hard to follow. you might as well not even have video. just audio. like how can i listen to your voiceover and read all the clips and headlines on the screen at the same time.? since everything is overlaped i cant decide whether to read whats on the screen or listen to your voice. as a result i end up missing both. lol.

    the images and text appearing on the screen are more of a distraction than an aid to the actual audio content. 

    why not at least show your face so we can see the words being mouthed? its a shame since the content is actually good. just the execution of your videos is poor. some words are also hard to follow. as if youre reading from a book.

  • Beyondvison !

    They got away with it, YAY, the government wins again and the people get fucked, why is nobody in jail yet?

  • Assyrian Catholic Christian

    Fuck America, Israel and Europe, from Iraqi girl.

  • Abdoul Diaw

    Your conspiracy theories are entertaining bro

  • 無理だぞ

    Iraq just backstabbed US!
    Ha! It's a really funny situation.

  • Abdel Rahman 1er

    It is not about Iraq, not about Syria, not Libya, not about any of these states that have refused a peace treaty with Israel. It is first and foremost about Israel and what the Jews want. The US Pentagon is run out of Tel Aviv, and just like the Jews wiped out Palestinian villages after WW2, they r now continuing to grab more land through genocide.

  • monica warren

    Is that you K.J…i hear your voice and i think perhaps you're the doctor of spin