The End of Capitalism, June 20th ’15 – Peter Joseph [The Zeitgeist Movement]

The audio (Original slides have been added) is from a private conference on June 20th 2015. Due to internal agreements, the video can not be posted. This is 2/3 of the program. The final 1/3 was incomplete due to time limitations. However, this final section on “Post-Scarcity Economics” can be found in a similar form in Peter Joseph’s lecture “Economic Calculation in a NLRBE” which is free online here:

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  • Paul Page

    The foreboding prophesies of Predatory Consumer/Debt Laden Capitalism all coming into fruition.

  • Yasmin H.

    Thank you Peter Joseph for existing.
    Moving forward seems like a very painful process in regards of centuries of control and the dumbing down that goes with it. We'll hopefully get there / or start it all over again.

    p.s. As mankind, the only determining factor will be by choosing to protect Environment. Confronting our errors is the trigger at educating ourselves and Education is the key to any progress.
    Time for us HUMANS to look at Nature with educated eyes. And start practicing the Economy of Knowledge vs. ignorance, destruction and scarcity.

  • McZidanne

    Great. so there's the issue. Where's the proposed solution?

  • HayteStreet

    great talk, one of his best

  • The Compassionate World

    Peter sees all the problems clearly. Capitalism itself is one enormous engine leading the human species to self destruction. Money is the root cause. Technology and Earth's resources must disconnect from money, if we are to survive as a species. If capitalism continues in its present form, we will reach a point where humans will have to turn the industrialization off. Humans will devolve back the stone age with mass starvation and major fighting over the dying resources of a dying planet.

    There is a solution. A new political party formed by scientists, spiritual leaders and artists, begins to represent the world by demanding that the G20 forms a Global Organization of Technology. The GOT as I call it, can lead to The Venus Project model. It's the only model that can save our species. I encourage you to investigate and watch their video: The Choice is Ours. Best Wishes, Karl Gary, author of The Compassionate World – a book that describes how we get to a technology driven world. (Every dime from the book goes into the creation of that political party)

  • Blaine Beard

    Should be titled, "How to kill a God."

  • Bryan Lirette

    This movement doesnt understand capitalism

  • Alicja Walendziak

    I think we will be forced to change from capitalism if we don't want the social gap to become insane when the 4th industrial revolution happens. (and it's on its way)

  • Hugh Terry

    A brilliant examination of the urgent problems facing modern Western civilization – change or perish!!

  • Lynda Murray

    Poor PJ, he sounds like he could do with taking a break from all this. I am eternally grateful for what he does and how The Zeitgeist Movement has provided me with an understanding of how the world works, and providing me with reason and sanity, whilst living in a very insane world.

  • Brian Bailey

    Peter……pls explain the difference between a resource based economy and a technocracy.
    Also how can we move from a technocracy to a resource based economy?
    Clearly we are already set on corse toward a technocracy and I think many people will confuse the Venus Project with the new economic order that is being set in place now.
    You and Jacque need to help map out a way toward a resource economy out of a technocracy…..

  • gninja92

    Really sad when you think about it. especailly even more sad when you get people who say that the rich liek buffet or gates donate half to nearly all of their money to charities.
    if that were truly the case, pestilence, starvation, and strife and war would be at an all time low, strife between people's eventually evolves into war, usually becasue one person doesnt have enough of something while another has too much. and is unwilling to share.

  • Marimar Vazquez

    Por favor,  subtítulos en español.

  • Doug Fasching

    As always, I find Peter's statements well thought out and articulated. It fits well with the information that I read from a wide variety of progressive sources.
    The only fault I could mention about the Zeitgeist Movement, if you could even consider it a fault, is time.

    We simply don't have enough time to fix the damage we have done. Anyone who has followed Nature Bats Last or is well read on Climate Chaos can see that we will be damn lucky to make it another 20 years before a large bulk of life on this planet (including us) dies from habitat destruction. We would need some kind of God level AI and the development of fusion energy to significantly change that likely outcome.

    If we had even 40 more years I would believe that there was a good change at a decent future. With current climate change estimates, known reinforcing feedback loops and capitalist / omnicidal society, unless you believe the space aliens are going to come down and save us, you better start writing your obituary.

  • zanzeh teh hero

    Mmm… Definitely food for thought… A few other books that would add up to this presentation are 17 Contradictions of Capitalism (by David Harvey?) and Structure of World History by Kojin Karatani