The End Of America is Near George Carlin ✪ Blow Your Mind ✪

✪ Blow Your Mind ✪
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  • Colin Bradley

    If voting made any difference we wouldn't be allowed to do it.. Mark Twain

  • L Deese

    he told the truth

  • Jay Richard

    in his own,sometimes in ur face way,George is 100%correct.conservatives r red in the face over his correctness. of how he sees war.poor fight so donald trump could maintain his gaudiness.there is more truth in carlins 5 minute schtick than in anything,any lie,u pick. in trumps entire campaign.gotta keep the trump hate plane flying..

  • Fabian Patrizio

    I'd love to hear what George would have to say now about HITlery Clinton………

  • Claytos Republic

    The Late Great George Carlin passed away at 96 years of age – the point is; at that age, he must have seen a lot to recognized so much . . .

  • David Warner


  • Jam35Var1ety

    America is 'friendly-fascism'.

  • Carl Moore

    george carlin tells it like it is.we are ruled by the demons.

  • Tony 5051

    George Carlin was a brilliant man

  • p martin

    eh..if Carlin was alive now he wouldnt talk like this because he wouldnt want to offend Obama. Celebrities always talk like this until Democrates take office. Obama has us fighting in 5 nations and not a peep from anti war movie stars or comedians.

  • gaz20091

    He speaks Truth as does David Icke ! the Disbelievers are the Puppets ! the weak and Lost Humans ! within the Matrix reality ! Controlled !