The Death Of Michael C. Ruppert – Narrated by Jack Martin

Jack Martin gives a one-take walk-through of Michael C. Ruppert’s suicide and last day. This film was taken by Wesley T. Miller, Mike’s co-founder in

Jack tells the story and gives a heart-felt tribute to Mike that written words just cannot capture. This is the official story of Mike’s last day on Earth. has published the notes to which Jack refers in a companion article to this video.

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  • Doc Lex

    it sounds fishy at best… i am not convinced that he killed himself freely, either he is killed or pressed somehow into killing himself… the mystery continues

  • LindaStevensBZ

    Sad. Mike was obviously mentally ill…consumed by conspiracy Obsession disorder. Get over it people.

  • casaamaril

    Well, well, yet another convenient suicide

  • Mark hollow

    It's hard to kill an idea.

  • David DeRoche

    we needed Mike and he whimper out, he is now in hell, unless he was a Christian.

  • collapsenet

    Every person who attacks Jack Martin or claims this video is something other than the honest presentation that it is can simply go fuck themselves. They are fools or unbalanced psychopaths who need to get back on their meds. Such people are not welcome here, and Mike would be deeply embarrassed by any association with them.

  • ChristopheLeTemplier

    We will never forget you Mike! hundred thousand + through the world still think about you! You were murdered we know it.

  • Pamela Cook

    mike trusted this guy..big mistake I guess then.

  • Michael DeBell

    He said he was going to teach now. Seems odd that he would off himself with that vision in mind. The government is a bunch of criminals. What would anyone expect from them.

  • NaturelDeese

    I never heard of this story ever however I know for a fact this is bs my intuition is always right. I have a weird taste in my mouth and it's not sweet

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe

    He was murdered.

  • Gerald Wilson

    Staged Youtube for sure.. a blatant coverup to appease. This was well rehearsed, performed without emotion. This guy was paid to make this clip and a real nut case himself. NOT to be believed at all.

  • Joshua Marc

    RIP Mike.

  • Brian Cruz

    Jack Martin is full of shit. He's not even remotely broken up about it. Mike was silenced, put down, murdered. How ever you'd like to call it. Mike was a threat.

  • alaskacookie1985

    So how much they paid this guy to tell this story?

  • SABALI Jones

    Beautiful View