The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Downplays WikiLeaks’ Revelations About Hillary Clinton

The Daily Show covered WikiLeaks’ release of John Podesta’s emails, and he attempted to downplay it by not revealing everything that journalists have found in it thus far. We talk about why he’s misinforming his audience in this segment.

Daily Show WikiLeaks Segment:

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  • gene

    Break up all the msm and turn over ownership to every legal voting citizen in the US. Dream on…. right?

  • Vickie Lemen

    Ok I think wiki leaks should have at least not released emails that could have been used to downplay the importance of the information, shouldn't Wikileaks's know how to play the information game by now? But, yea I agree with most of this vid.

  • Dream Electric

    the daily show suuuuuuucks now.

  • Alex kaneh bosm

    Hillary reminds me of 'MOM' from 'Mom-corp' in future-rama

  • Steven Britton

    Fuck you Trevor Noah, you deceiving cunt!.

  • Steven Britton

    I like Jill Stein and wish she and Bernie could have had a fair chance to be elected, but Hillary and the corrupt DNC made sure that would never happen. So now I am thinking that maybe it would be better to vote for Trump this time around, just to try and stop the war Hillary is trying to start with Russia?. Also if Hillary gets in the White House, the corrupt people Hillary will appoint to power will make sure there will never again be a fair election, only selections. She will make sure to shut down wikileaks, she will try to silence alternative media and anyone else that goes against the establishment. There is too much at stake here, so it may be time to help Trump win by a landslide as I'm afraid she may try to steal this election and nothing will ever be the same again.

  • Stanley Cook

    with Sumner Redstone at the helm of Viacom and being a huge Democratic Party donor it's not surprising to me why Jon Stewart retired before the primaries and election and have a "will do anything for money" hack filling his spot and spewing Redstones political agenda.

  • Robert Sitek

    This is called a psych war " vote with your feelings not your logic" we people are monitory 90% of the population don't think .They want someone that makes them feel good.

  • william dulaney

    This entire election cycle has been the greatest ever. It has opened so many eyes to the absolute BS we try and call our Democracy. It has exposed all those media hacks who claim to be journalists. It has exposed everyone who claims to be objective but in reality is far from it. If you take anything from this election cycle please take the fact that these elitists are all in bed together and the biggest losers are all us hard working Americans who once believed in our Democracy.


    Rest in peace to The Daily Show… Long Live Redacted Tonight!