The Covert Origins of ISIS

The Covert Origins of ISIS

Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done.
Sources and full transcript:

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  • Drexxler 1

    It's amazing how accurate this video is.

  • steveh365


  • Richard Nixon

    So after watching this and reading 'the redline and the ratline' I concluded that it's Turkey that's at fault here. They tried playing NATO, specifically the US, to intervene in Syria and topple Assad. They're the ones that keep funding and sending arms to 'Rebels' though the ratline. Luckily our intelligence officials weren't as ignorant as they were in Iraq.

  • mohamed atia

    when blood becomes more expensive than oil peace will come true !!

  • BigDave153

    "Assad vaguely resembles democracy"? Assad ran/runs one of the most repressive, iron-fisted regimes on the planet just like his dad did. His forces are just as enthusiastic about atrocities as Isis. This conflict is full of bad actors with very few liberal democratic elements left. US policies throughout the years have been short-sighted and sometimes cynical, but to suggest they could clandestinely orchestrate events like this with such precision is laughable.

  • taushif hayder

    This guy speaks like an anarchist but supports terrorists like Assad? All frauds come out eventually.

  • loboalamo

    OIL -weapons and munitions to take it, and all the engineering, technology and covert things that go with it. Then all the things needed to rebuild it. And don't forget the oil, gas and electricity to reboot it all. It's the devil's system. So why does mankind do this? Look at what it costs, blood and death.

  • Jeffrey Field
  • That Person

    Oil is a gift but also a curse

  • Jeb Bush

    Luckily, Russia intervened just in time.

  • Masau

    The knowledgeable few will never convince the mindless majority that they are living the big lie .

  • Tinfoil Hoodie

    "hold the US accountable for their covert regime change policies" Thank God for Vladimir Putin who is already doing just that and has recently saved the secular Assad regime, and Syria, from complete takeover….Edgar Cayce was right, Russia is the hope of the world

  • Das Rhinenfuchs

    Job well done with this video.