The Best Of George Carlin Exposing The American Government

George Carlin was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, actor, writer, and an author who won five Grammy Awards for his comedy albums.

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  • Anarcho- Revolutionary

    great collection. this man was a legend, so sad nobody is around to speak of our…… depressing….. state of affairs

  • Brad Derks

    He is a God of simplifying the dumb honest truth of the world..but sadly the innocent deaths of wars..still makes the truth sad…..he daring us to continue humanity stipidity…thank the internet for letting him sharing his wisdom….

  • juan aldaba

    stolen from the. mexicans now days we can't even get a fucking job in our own fucking land administration by the usa!!!

  • wildirishindian

    GC one of those people  you  wish could live forever.

  • Primus 777

    On revisiting when marginally drunk:
    Yeah…..Still awesome.

  • Junior Wiley

    Carlin RULES!

  • Daniel Murray

    you know, I like a bit of George, but his rants get very tedious and
    same-ey, and his insights, actually look at them "we all talk but no one
    listens.. and various similar statements spat out in a row" that is
    rhetoric, maybe good rhetoric.. but it is not insight from him, it is re
    packaged by him… really, he is massively over rated, and he's pretty
    PC, almost all of what he says is in line with what we consider the
    correct way to think today, saying fuck and shit and this tedious
    "anger" is not anti PC, it's how PC people talk to sound un PC, as most
    people do not know what PC is, all you have to do is say "I don't care
    if you are offended" and people will think you are anti PC… being PC
    is to be excessively married to what is considered the right way to
    think politically and socially, George is/was very PC… he does seem to
    half go off PC, but not really, he has the uber PC anti white male line
    for one, maybe he has torn down feminist BS and I missed it, but I have
    seen him talk on gender, and he is super PC… what view does he take
    that is not PC? attacking politics etc is PC .. especially if you put a
    hint of feminism in. But really, it's just style and rhetoric by and
    large, te substance is repeating the PC zeitgeist to people who want to
    hear it.

    George is the very definition of PC, all his views are completely in line with what is thought to be the right on way to think… using bad language is not anti PC, angry tone, is not anti PC… what view does he have that is not "right on"? I have yet to find one… it's all completely PC! saying "I hate PC" while being this PC, is hypocrisy, falling for him being against PC, is idiocy… what of his views are not PC? .. when has he ever take a non PC view on gender, race ANYTHING??? he's a one trick pony, and I guess in a time of super PC, decades of "friends" and the simpsons, it is probably to be expected that this PC clown be seen as non PC… well, look at most social justice warriors like him, their groups, the gender ones are sexist claiming not to be, the anti racist ones are almost all straight racists… george is the PC god!

    His comedy, is tedious and just re packed PC views made into a show. .. and where is he in this video? who likes him best? social justice warriors, they love PC… how the hell can people think this man, who is 100% PC with bits of window dressing that might look a bit un PC.. but really are or are neutral, like the use of words language bits he does… which are safe as they don't deal with people or important views, just a view on language.

    Silly people are people who think a man who's views are totally in line with PC views, is not PC… that, is silly.. but just be load and angry, and morons will think you are anti PC. Look at the views he expounds, look at one of his stands ups, and after jot down the angel he took on race, gender, sexuality and faith… then ask yourself are these considered "right on" views, or do they go against what is considered "right on"..

  • GUNS4MIKE1234

    He would've shit to have seen Donald Trump leading the Republican party. America's political system is the greatest show on earth.

  • Glenn Cary


  • Savadorason1

    -Lol, everything he says here is 120% true. But IF an Indian, black, Asian or Hispanic had said the EXACT SAME things, they would've been called un-American, would have been football tackled, beat, stomped & shot dead. This SHOULD be force-shown everywhere! All before government tears it down.

  • sasuke uchiha


  • bill sid

    Screw your stupid skyrim game ad bullshit.yeah i an audience for george carlin am surely i am a fan of stupid BS MMORPG CRAP.

  • eddy much

    The bst there is,he call b. s B.S

  • Peter Marshall

    I saw George Carlin late in his career. He turned into a jerk.

  • Lee Anne L

    The Master !!!!

  • Salvus967

    9:50 – Thank you!!!! Some Americans are so convinced that their country is special through it's founding values. The same Americans don't seem to realise that the second amendment is nothing but a change to their original constitution. They don't understand that a change to the constitution, can just as easily be changed again. They mention this amendment as if it is a rule, written in stone. They don't seem to understand the definition of 'amendment'. They also don't seem to understand that a countries' constitution cannot possibly remain the same forever in the face of social and cultural evolution. The second amendment is an alteration to the original constitution, so if you think of it as a sacred, irreplaceable law, you are a dumb fucking American, just like the kind George Carlin is talking about. If you are an American who wants to go to McDonald's with your M-16, for no other reason than to uphold the second amendment, then you represent the worst aspect of America, and the illegal Mexican immigrants are doing far more for your country than you ever will. So congratulations you retards.

  • Idolcruisefix

    I am surprised he says death and bloodshed is the only way to change things. about 22 min in… I thought he was smarter then that.

  • Marks Bernard

    "There is no present." Wow. Damn. So damn true. So simple, yet a mind fucker.

  • Raul Lopez

    Why I like George

    The other women in the room with closed legs

    George is nearly spread eagle in the middle of the set